Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Commercial Highlights Legendary Mounts

As Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s launch draws closer, the hype surrounding the RPG duo’s release continues to gather momentum. Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have dropped a number of new trailers and a host of gameplay details in recent weeks, and we now have another brief look at the new titles.

A brief new commercial focuses on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s two flagship Legendary Pokemon- Koraidon and Miraidon. Both are obviously going to be important to the story and the history of the Paldea region, while they’ll also serve an interesting purpose where gameplay is concerned. Koraidon and Miraidon will be your mounts as you journey through Paldea, and will be able to act as your motorcycles, boats, gliders, and more. Check them out in action in the video below.

Recent trailers on the RPG duo have also revealed new Pokemon like Greavard, a Ghost-type dog Pokemon that will literally suck the life out of you, and Bellibolt, an Electric-type frog Pokemon, who’s also the partner Pokemon of Gym Leader Iono.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are due out for the Nintendo Switch on November 18.

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Something I've never played, just keep these type of games on the Switch


Pokmon is somthing I could and never will get into lol

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