Gotham Knights Trailer Shines the Spotlight on Robin

In the lead-up to Gotham Knights’ launch later this year, developer WB Games Montreal has been showing off plenty of gameplay from the open world action RPG. In recent weeks, we’ve seen two out of its four playable superheroes in action with Nightwing and Red Hood in dedicated showcases, and recently, a trailer focused on Robin was also teased. Now, that trailer is here.

The Boy Wonder, a.k.a. Tim Drake, is going to be quite a versatile character where gameplay is concerned. His quarterstaff will serve as his primary weapon, which he can use in a variety of ways (including spinning it around real fast to deflect bullets, it would seem). On top of that, Robin is also an expert when it comes to stealth (as is expected of any member of the Bat-family), and is also a master detective, much like his mentor.

Interestingly, he can also use tech made by the Justice League to teleport himself across short distances, which promises to be a handy ability in more ways than one. Meanwhile, a handful of his various costumes are also shown off, which you can also check out in newly released screenshots.

Gotham Knights launches on October 25 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.


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That would be awesome, never really done that


Been waiting on this one for a while, hopefully it lives up to a very good expectation. Need more Marvel/DC rpgs that can live up to Spiderman


Looks pretty cool, but the game better be good ffs


looks awesome honestly may have to get it

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