The backwards compatibility program for the Xbox One lets players enjoy over 400 360 titles on this generation. This was a great move for those that no longer have their Xbox 360s yet miss some of their favourites. With it popularity, the conversation soon shifted to "well, can we have original Xbox games come too" and the team over at Microsoft immediately started working on it. Xboss Phil more
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Nintendo’s SNES Classic has been flying off store shelves, and there’s little wonder. It’s a fantastic piece of technology, and includes several games that are legitimate contenders for greatest of all time in their genres. Fortunately, Nintendo seems to be producing more of these than last year’s impossible to find NES Classic, and patient buyers should be able to find one without more
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Halo Master Chief Collection has experienced some difficulties, to say the least, but a recent update of the collection from Halo’s franchise director Frank O’Connor attempted to explain what went wrong with the product and how they hoped to fix it. For those who remember trying to take part in The Master Chief Collection in its previously unplayable state, you might be wondering what more
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The battle royale genre continues to gain traction as games such as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite's new mode gain more and more popularity by the day. Pair that with the rise of interest in virtual reality, and gamers win with a new VR title that combines the best of both worlds into one simple game: Virtual Battlegrounds. Oneiric Entertainment unveiled their latest trailer in the more
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Destiny 2 has dominated many players’ free time since the game was released, but just over a month after the game became available, it appears that the number of active players on consoles is already dropping quickly. There are plenty of reasons for why a game’s playerbase might drop suddenly, but the answers are rarely anything good for the game itself or the developers. For this game in more
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Activision’s upcoming shooter Call of Duty: WWII will give players an inside look at the brutalities and consequences of war, but one man is facing his own battle in the real-world over the game. According to a report from Indiana’s local WTHI TV news, a Terre Haute resident has been arrested for the theft and sale of stolen PlayStation 4 copies of the unreleased game. Dshaye Towles, the more
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There's nothing quite like a Steam sale to clear out your wallet. The seasonal Steam sales are always huge events, and today the start and end dates of the next two Steam Sale events have been leaked via Kotaku UK's Laura Kate Dale. As you can see, the next big sale event we have to look forward to is about a month away. The Steam Autumn sale is set to begin on November 22, and will run until more
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DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 will have a full-fledged story campaign this time around, unlike its predecessor. It will be handled by Motive Studios, helmed by Jade Raymond, and will feature the Empire’s Inferno Squad commander Iden Versio dealing with the Rebellion after the death of the Emperor. For a story that covers 30 years of Star Wars history though, how much time will the more
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The Xbox One X is due to launch on November 7, and Microsoft is due to launch an advertising and marketing blitz for it this weekend, with a new commercial. Ahead of that commercial, they have released a teaser video, which gives us an idea of what the final ad will be like. It feels like Microsoft will be doubling down on the power angle in their marketing- which is sensible, because being more
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Gears of War 4‘s October update is going live October 23rd, and this marks the last time that new maps will be added to the game. Still, longtime fans of the franchise should be happy with what’s on offer. The two new maps arriving this month are Fuel Depot and Lift Apex. Fuel Depot is a faithful recreation of the same map from the first Gears, featuring that mad dash for the longshots on more
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