Ricochet Could Be The Key to Reviving One of CoD's Best Features

The multiplayer experiences of Call of Duty have always been a massively successful element of the longstanding franchise, with its annual releases always aiming to shake up this formula in one way or another. While a lot of interesting new mechanics and modes are added to the IP's multiplayer all the time, there are a lot of older defining features that have sadly been phased out over the years.

One of the biggest losses that Call of Duty has faced in more recent multiplayer iterations is the absence of emblem customization. The emblem editor systems of past CoDs gave an untold amount of freedom to players to create hilarious or intensely detailed artworks, yet these older systems were also abused to spread offensive and hateful imagery. Automated moderation and detection services have developed significantly since Call of Duty last featured custom emblems, and the franchise's Ricochet system could be the key to re-introducing custom emblems while catching and stopping abuse of the system.

Treyarch first introduced the concept of an emblem editor mechanic in 2010's Black Ops, revolutionizing how players could customize and add flair to their multiplayer playercards. The emblem editor gave players complete creative control over what artwork they could create, using a huge range of shapes, logos, and lettering, with the final product then being immortalized as an emblem which could even be showcased on a player's in-game weapon.

These emblems could be created using close to 500 different assets, with players quickly trying to one-up each other in creating the most detailed and eye-catching emblems. The emblem editor was such a popular concept that it would go on to become a staple of Call of Duty for some time, appearing in the following titles over the years:

Black Ops
Black Ops 2
Advanced Warfare
Black Ops 3
Infinite Warfare

Sadly, the creative freedom of the emblem editor also gave way to intense amounts of offensive and hateful imagery created by players, with Call of Duty completely abandoning the feature since 2016 to return to the pre-designed emblem system of earlier titles like Modern Warfare. While it always seemed inevitable that the concept of custom emblems would be short-lived, the franchise may finally be in a position where its automatic moderation and detection systems could see custom emblems return with a much lower risk of being abused.

Call of Duty's Emblem Editor Could Be Stronger Than Ever in a Future Title
Call of Duty announced its Ricochet anti-cheat system in 2021, and has been developing and fine-tuning the system ever since. Ricochet was made all the more important thanks to the launch of the Warzone series and the influx of cheaters that it brought about, with Ricochet being used extensively to keep gameplay as fair as possible across all of Call of Duty's multiplayer experiences.

CoD has been increasingly automating Ricochet and moderation in general, recently introducing an automatic in-game voice chat monitor that can flag up hateful language. This automation could be extended to any future iterations of the emblem editor, perhaps being tweaked to a stage where it can automatically detect hateful or problematic imagery that players might create. It is a shame that such a creative element of Call of Duty's past was ruined by abuse. Hopefully, a more robust Ricochet system leads to emblem editing returning better than ever in the near future.

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would love to see the Emblem Editor making a comeback fr


They don't even know what they are doing with richochet half the time there still so many hackers


This is why CoD sucks. That's what made my childhood so great, seeing swastikas, titties, or whatever else, and hearing people scream at one another over how bad each other sucks. Let's ban people for the same shit we did and got away with ten years ago. Lol


If they can come up with something to avoid offensive, racism and p*rn emblems, that would be great for real.

Some players are actual artists and spend hours just personalizing their emblems and I would love to see this coming back to CoD.


They too soft nowadays to put emblem editors cause they know people will make offensive stuff lol


They'll bring everything else back before they ever remove sbmm lol