Microsoft has announced Doom Eternal will arrive on Xbox Game Pass in October. Come October 1, Xbox One users with an Xbox Game Pass subscription will be able to download and play Doom Eternal. It will arrive on Game Pass for PC later in 2020. Players of the game have more to look forward to soon, as The Ancient Gods – Part One will also be released on October 20. In it, the legions more
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Earlier today, pre-orders were made available for the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X. Unfortunately, a lot of fans struggled to get their hands on a pre-order, as sites had a hard time keeping up with demand. A number of fans took to the internet to voice their displeasure with the pre-order process, and the official Xbox Twitter account has now weighed-in on the situation. According to the more
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In a recent interview, the Bethesda founder commented on Microsoft's acquisition of the publisher and about the future of next-gen consoles. In an interview with Inverse, Bethesda founder Christopher Weaver comments on Microsoft’s recent acquisition of the publisher and provides his thoughts on the next-gen consoles.
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Fans of Left 4 Dead 2 will be happy to know that the game's latest update, The Last Stand, is available now. The Last Stand was created entirely by the Left 4 Dead Community, and features a massive number of changes to the game. The update includes 26 new Survival Maps, four Scavenge Arenas, 30 new Achievements, two new melee weapons (a shovel and pitchfork), and more. It also features a new more
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The Game Awards are set to return in early December with host Geoff Keighley calling this year's edition "our most important show ever." Even though 2020 has been challenging for all of us in our own ways, Geoff Keighley confirmed a few weeks back that The Game Awards would still be taking place this year despite some difficult new circumstances. Now, we know just when this year’s edition of more
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While the PlayStation 5 has already proven hard to come by in general, it seems that the Digital Edition of the console is harder to find than the Standard Edition. According to Eurogamer, retailers around the world are reporting that they received fewer Digital Editions, and those sold out quicker, as a result. It's not hard to see why demand might be higher for the Digital version; at $399, more
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A month ahead of its release, here are the dates that you can try out Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. As the next entry in the long-running shooter franchise and the first to make its debut on next-gen consoles, anticipation is building for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War ahead of its November launch. PS4 owners had their first chance to try the more
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Metal Gear Solid could be seeing new life on the PC platform if new rumors involving the first two entries in the series prove to be accurate. Outside of the dismal release of Metal Gear Survive a few years back, Konami hasn’t been doing much of anything with what is likely the publisher’s most iconic property. However, if new rumors prove to be true, it sounds as though that lack In a more
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Bright Memory Infinite, the first-person shooter created by solo developer FYQD Studio, will release on Xbox Series S/X next year. Bright Memory Infinite mixes shooting and sword combat, where you will use firearms and swords to rack up combos slaying mythological demons. This title was originally planned as the next episode leading on from the early access version of Bright Memory but more
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Big things are happening with Bungie’s Destiny 2 in November. Several older destinations and activities will be going into the Destiny Content Vault. On the same day, Europa will be the next big destination that players venture to in the Beyond Light expansion. Check out a few bits of what to expect on Jupiter’s moon. Along with confirming the return of Variks of the House of Judgment, the more
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