The hype for Apex Legends has been steadily declining. Respawn Entertainment has been slow to update and support the game, and its first season pass was underwhelming. The combination of these two things has been enough to damper the game's buzz. And with its buzz down, streamers aren't streaming it as much. And the less streamers play it, the less people play it. And the less people play it, the more
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The Nintendo Game Boy was first released on this day 30 years ago in Japan, then North America three months later, and lastly in Europe, nearly a year after. The Game Boy launched 30 years ago today in Japan in 1989 and since then, this little pocket-rocket went on to sell well over 100 million units, allowing gamers all over the world the freedom to play their favorite games – including more
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It's been a bumpy road for Samsung's Galaxy Fold handset. After the foldable smartphone was announced ahead of MWC, the company opened pre-orders in April and shut them down a day later. After handing them out to reviewers, several of them started noticing that the display didn't work properly. Earlier today, it was reported that Samsung delayed its product launches in China, Singapore, and more
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Bethesda has an update planned for Fallout 76 that’ll improve the game’s C.A.M.P. feature that allows players to set up shop wherever they have the room and desire to do so. The first feature planned for Patch 9 that’s releasing sometime in May will offer players some protection against hostile people if they’ve already elected to play Adventure Mode and not Survival while the second will more
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Cuphead was the talk of the town back when it came out in 2017, thanks to its unique combination of pixel-perfect platforming and Fleischer Brothers-style animation. Now it’s gotten a surprise update that adds some new features, new animation, and a bunch of localization. With Cuphead 1.2, you can now select either Cuphead or his blue-nosed pal Mugman to play as at the start of each more
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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is getting Super Saiyan God Vegeta as Character DLC in June. The news comes from the latest issue of V-Jump, the primary source for new announcement for Jump published games franchises. All recent Dragon Ball Xenoverse series, FighterZ and Jump Force character announcements were announced first in V-Jump. In the same issue of the magazine, the final seven additions more
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In the early meta of Apex Legends, Pathfinder wasn't that popular due to his broken hitbox that was larger than the character actually was. Respawn eventually fixed this, and since then, he's become one of the more popular characters in the game, especially among top players. That said, it's been discovered that the loveable robot's hitbox is once again broken, except this time the issue is the more
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Microsoft doesn't have many notable releases for 2019, but it does have Gears 5, the new installment in the popular cover-shooter series and The Coalition's sophomore effort with the franchise since Epic Games moved on from it. That said, while Gears 5 is poised to release sometime later this year, Microsoft and The Coalition haven't said much about it. In fact, all we've really received so far more
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Nintendo stock had a sharp increase once word got out about the Switch getting approval to be sold in China. The Nintendo Switch has been a resounding success since its release just over two years ago in March of 2017. It has broken numerous records and has become one of the fastest selling pieces of gaming hardware in history. However, they have still not broken into one of the largest gaming more
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Somewhere around 2013, Rockstar Games seemingly became a one game developer. In previous generations, Rockstar Games' multiple studios would develop different projects, but then at some point as the developer's games got more ambitious, they connected all of their studios to create one massive development force. In 2013 it released Grand Theft Auto V, a game it's still supporting to this day. more
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