If you’ve been following Mortal Kombat 11 and are looking forward to its release this week, you’ll likely know that the game’s street date has been broken. This means that there are spoilers out there about the game’s story mode and better looks at the big roster of fighters and their moves. Frost has been one of the most common parts of the leaks with videos like the one below that more
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Blackout players who want to show off their skills will finally be able to compete with each other thanks to a new tournament by BoomTV. If you think you’re good at Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode and you think you could hold your own in a tournament, then you’re finally going to get your chance to put your money where your mouth is. Yesterday, Treyarch revealed that it has more
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Assassins Creed Unity has received an influx of positive reviews after all the good Ubisoft has done since the Notre Dame tragedy. By now, most people are aware of what review bombing is. However, for those who are not aware, review bombing is when a massive amount of people take to Steam or another site that is open to public reviews to express their displeasure with the game or series. We have more
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According to a new potential leak, CD Projekt Red's highly-anticipated and incredibly ambitious PS4, Xbox One, and PC game, Cyberpunk 2077, will release this year on November 28. There's been a few reported leaks and rumors that have placed the upcoming cyberpunk role-playing game in 2019, but this is the first time a specific date has surfaced. The release date comes courtesy of Slovakian more
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As one of the final events of the current content season, Operation Grand Heist, Treyarch has activated double Merits in Black Ops 4's Blackout mode. If you’ve been doing everything in your power to level up in Black Ops 4 over the past few months but nothing seems to be working then worry no more. As one of the last festivities of the current content season, Operation Grand Heist (which is more
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Amazon music and alexa are teaming up to bring alexa users amazon music for free. Much as it is on spotify, starting today, amazon music will be free to play on alexa as long as users don’t mind listening to ads. Now, Alexa users can simply say, “Alexa, play Beyonce” and they will instantly be listening to Single Ladies or any other one of Beyonce’s hit songs. It is important to note more
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Ubisoft will give Assassin’s Creed Unity refunds (via Reddit) to players who bought it shortly before it went free. The company will reach out to those who purchased between April 15 and 17 to arrange compensation. Naturally, there are some terms. You must have purchased after 2:00 PM EST on the 15th, but before the game went free yesterday. The offer is also exclusive to the Ubisoft store, more
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Given the success of this year's Resident Evil 2 remake, not only is it possible Capcom will continue on with a remake of Resident Evil 3, it seems pretty likely at this point. In the past, Capcom teased that a remake could happen if the demand is there (and the demand is certainly there). Meanwhile, numerous reports and rumors have already surfaced suggesting that development of the remake has more
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A new report has arrived from Japanese newspaper Nikkei that claims that Nintendo's previously leaked, more compact and cheaper, Nintendo Switch -- sometimes referred to as the Nintendo Switch Lite -- is coming this fall. However, Nikkei also notes that the Nintendo hybrid console is getting some type of "next generation" version. As you may know, an enhanced Nintendo Switch has been reported in more
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The team behind Command & Conquer Remastered has given us a preview of some new, revamped art. In a Reddit post, producer Jim Vessella shared a high-resolution render of the Construction Yard in Command & Conquer, as it appears in the remaster. The look is deliberate, as Vessella notes it needed to be as authentic to the original in-game asset as possible. But, as you can in see in the more
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