EA Sports confirmed that they won't release a free demo for FIFA 21 to focus on delivering the full experience for EA Play members 10 days ahead of launch. EA Sports used to launch a demo version for each year’s FIFA title just a few weeks ahead of its worldwide release, but this year, don’t expect a demo for FIFA 21 as the developer confirmed they won’t work on it. It’s a common more
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As early as last year it has been rumored that Amazon has been working on its own cloud gaming service similar to Google Stadia which released late last year to little success at this point. The service is known as Luna which has the potential to give players a 4K 60FPS experience across a myriad of devices. Amazon has been trying to get its foot into the gaming space for a while with developing more
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Behind only The Last of Us Part II and Animal Crossing, Super Mario 3D All-Stars has already had one of the UK's biggest game launches. Featuring a collection of three of Mario’s most notable 3D adventures, it’s not exactly a huge surprise that the recently-released Super Mario 3D All-Stars would be a hit. Released this month to celebrate Mario’s 35th anniversary, the collection from more
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With all of the craziness surrounding PlayStation 5 pre-orders over the last few days, it seems all but guaranteed that the system will perform quite well for Sony when it releases on November 12th. However, Japanese analyst Rakuten Securities believes the system just might be Sony's most successful of all-time. According to the firm, the console could sell 200 million units in its lifetime! It's more
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Halo Infinite is "looking amazing" after its delay into 2021, according to an employee from developer 343 Industries. Qilin, an anonymous developer at the studio who posts regular updates about Halo Infinite on Twitter, has confirmed that "new features" have been added to the game since it was last shown earlier this year, teasing that Master Chief's return "is going to change everything when more
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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is fast approaching, but if you're still getting your first-person shooting fix with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you have more seasonal content to look forward to next week. Season Six for both Modern Warfare's multiplayer and the free-to-play battle royale, Warzone, is launching on all platforms on September 29. The trailer for the new season brings back two more
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Sony Interactive Entertainment was reportedly in talks to sign Bethesda’s Starfield as a PS5 exclusive, before its agreed sale to platform rival Xbox this week. The Elder Scrolls publisher – which Microsoft has agreed to purchase in a $7.5bn deal – had recently agreed other timed PS5 console exclusivity deals for new IP titles Deathloop (Arkane) and Ghostwire: Tokyo (Tango more
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Activision has denied reports suggesting hundreds of thousands of Call of Duty accounts have been compromised. Reports of accounts being hacked have spread online this week, with some suggesting over 500,000 had been breached, a claim Activision attempted to shoot down in a statement on Twitter. “Reports suggesting Activision Call of Duty accounts have been compromised are not more
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There has been a lot of conjecture surrounding the naming conventions that Microsoft has opted to use both in this current generation of consoles and in the one to come. Many (myself included) think that the Xbox One X/Xbox Series X and Xbox One S/Xbox Series S naming pattern might be a bit confusing to those who aren’t as integrated in the gaming space. Well, those fears seem to have now been more
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Target's new weekly ad has something that might be interesting for Xbox fans: an image of Final Fantasy VII Remake on PlayStation 4, but with Xbox One listed as an available platform. It should be noted that this could just be an error on Target's part. It's equally possible, however, that the retailer might have jumped the gun ahead of an official announcement. Either way, this might be the more
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