Free Titanfall 2 DLC continues to roll out with the announcement of the shooter’s next batch of content, titled Postcards From the Frontier. The DLC’s gameplay trailer—preceded by an earlier tease on Twitter—showcases everything Postcards From the Frontier is bringing to the experience. Players can look forward to the new Uma Live Fire map, as well as three current maps reimagined for more
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We've been waiting a long time to get our first look of FIFA 18 running on the Nintendo Switch, and the wait is finally over. NintendoEverything got some hands-on time with the Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 18 at Gamescom, and the footage above is direct-feed footage taken directly from the Switch. I think you'll all agree that things are looking pretty good here. You can fast-forward to the more
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Microsoft has shared its latest batch of deals for Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners. This week, Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox One can pick up Bioshock: The Collection (50 percent off), EA Sports UFC 2 (75 percent off), Final Fantasy XV (50 percent off), Need for Speed (75 percent off), and Shadow Warrior 2 (50 percent off) at a discount. While Xbox 360 owners get discounts on Bioshock 2 (50 more
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Today, fans of Call of Duty: WWII got a glimpse into the upcoming game’s social space, that will be available on November 3, in the form of a new reveal trailer that details everything there is to do in Headquarters. You can check out the trailer below. From the trailer it seems as if Headquarters are shaping up to be a place to unwind when you’ve lost a couple of team deathmatches, or more
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We’ve got plenty of Call of Duty: WWII news making the rounds today, as we just posted a fresh new look at the Headquarters mode, which will serve as a social hub for the forthcoming first-person shooter. But there’s more where that came from. Sledgehammer Games, the developer behind the forthcoming World War II-themed shooter, has confirmed that it will be hosting a special stream more
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A neat new feature integrated into the SNES Classic‘s save system will spare players from the agony of game overs. Expanding on the NES Classic’s save system, which let players stop playing a game and then pick it up again later from the same spot, the SNES Classic will allow players to rewind a certain amount of time each time they save. That means that if you die during a boss fight in more
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The front-end of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds needs a lot of work, so much so that players are starting to come up with their own mock-ups. We’ve seen various examples of this since the game launched, with the most recent being posted by @CreativeGrenade. As you can see, this design looks a lot cleaner than what’s currently in the game, with all useful links arranged in tabs at the more
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Today, Ubisoft unveiled new information on The Crew 2 regarding its release date and pre-order incentives. According to the French publisher, the release date for the game is scheduled to release on March 16th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. However, if you decide to pre-order one of the various editions of the game, you will get to play three days early on March 13th. Currently, The more
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Man, Sony just doesn’t have much luck when it comes to hackers, does it? Everyone undoubtedly remembers the 2011 PlayStation Network hack that left millions of PS3 owners without online service. And today, it looks like the PlayStation social sites have taken a hit. A hacker group by the name of OurMine managed to sabotage both the PlayStation Twitter and Facebook accounts for a short time, more
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At this year’s E3, Microsoft revealed that it plans to bring original Xbox games to the Xbox One backward compatibility program before the end of 2017. Now, it appears the company may be walking back from that promised launch date somewhat. Xbox boss Phil Spencer took the time to answer a few questions during this year’s Gamescom show, and one in particular asked whether original Xbox more
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