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Download Name: Break-In  

Category: PSP & PS Vita PSP Homebrew Games

Submitted By: Ahri

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Item description:

I'm a 90's baby, but that doesn't mean I wasn't exposed to the game Breakout. In fact, I've been a big fan of Breakout-inspired games such as this Game Gear game whose title I can't seem to remember plus Brick in iPod. Seems like I have a new game to immerse myself into. Break-In is a PS2Dev Fourth Creation entry which plays out just like Breakout; but this time out, the paddle has been removed. To create a different game experience, Break-In will have the blocks rotating around the ball. This different style also allows players to enjoy the game by using just the left and right buttons, seeing the board spin clockwise and counterclockwise. Since this is a Breakout-inspired game, Break-In's classic mode has the objective of eliminating all the blocks. There will be different power-up blocks that will make your Break-In experience more exciting - watch out for blocks that will add an extra ball, blow up surrounding blocks, and send the ball spinning into a devilish frenzy. This OmegaGames-developed game includes a Missions mode, where you can try passing through all 10 missions. There will be missions wherein you'll be asked to clear 80% of the field or keep the ball in play for over 50 seconds. The Cutom mode will let you create your own Brek-In round - just run the supplied editor on your computer (.net platform) and you can see your own round concept in play. OmegaGames promises to keep you updated with new custom rounds via their website. Try out Break-In and enjoy Breakout like you've never experienced it before!
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Related Forum: PlayStation Forum

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