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Eaten v2.0

Download Name: Eaten v2.0  

Category: PSP & PS Vita PSP Homebrew Games

Submitted By: Ahri

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Item description:

When we first saw Eaten v1.0, many screamed "Squarez copier", I know I did. However, this game is taken a radical different turn than Squarez now that we look at the recent changes. It now looks like Attack of the Mutants! Seriously, I'm not joking. I am a fan of both Squarez and AOTM, and hopefully this will combine the best of both homebrew games into one solid homebrew game. PSPOwnage, s, has announced a new update to this new game with some nice adsitions. The game now features bullets in which you can fire in any general direction to destroy your enemies, even having a piercing effect to it! I know back in the Diablo 2 days, Piercing Arrows were one of the greatest skills of an Amazon, allowing you to own any cow level by yourself. Hopefully we will see the same in this great game as it progresses and more additions are made. So, now you are wondering what makes this game so good, so I've listed all the new changes in v2.0 below - * Shooting; just use CROSS/CIRCLE/TRIANGLE/SQUARE * Powerup- Speed; Move faster, shoot faster. * Powerup- Bullet; Your bullets now go through the blocks = massive killings! * Powerup- Shrink; Shrinks your block, making it easier to dodge incoming squares. * Powerup- Invincibility; Makes you invincible! * Story Mode & Dodge Mode now available * Added Help menu
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Related Forum: PlayStation Forum

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