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48-hour Pong (3D) for FW1.5

Download Name: 48-hour Pong (3D) for FW1.5  

Category: PSP & PS Vita PSP Homebrew Games

Submitted By: Ahri

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(This file for Firmware 1.5 (SCEkxploited)) There has to be some sort of award for dedication like this. This is Insomniac197's newest homebrew game, 48-hour Pong (3D). Why 48 hours? He took a weekend off from his other projects (like AniMate and Wavoader) and decided, what the hey, could he create a full game in that 48-hour period? Heck, yeah, if we're playing it in our PSPs right now! It's a fully functional 3D Pong game with features that include changing your point of view in the game, and the ability to upload your score via Wi-Fi to a database. All this in 48 hours... that has to be a record. Now read on to instructions and additional info from Insomniac197, as well as download the game for yourself, while one of our writers attempts to set a new record: a 48-hour session of 48-hour Pong (3D). Break out the coffee! Features include: * Full 3D * Ability to change view * WiFi transmission of player scores to a database to see how good you are compared to other players. * Player stats are saved * Ability to modify the graphics and audio * When on the menu screen a demo of 2 AI opponents plays Modifiers: If you wish to modify the graphics or audio then please do so. Just keep the graphics the same size and name as the originals. The ball actually rotates (as in rolls), it's hard to tell with the original texture for it, but make sure your modified graphics utilise this. Also, link to this site to download the original game and supply a separate link for your modified files. Do not repackage the game! Updates: This was a purely 48 hour thing, I will only update the game if a bug is found or I need another 'weekend off'. The player file is encrypted very basically to stop simple methods of altering it, if the database is abused by cheaters I will remove it. Play fair. Controls: * Use the D-pad or the analog stick to move when in the game. * Right Trigger will change your view between 3rd person, 1st person or top down. * Left Trigger will change the camera mode from 'fixed' to 'follow'. This only applies to 3rd person view. * Cross is for selection on menus, all other notable operations will prompt you for which button to press. * Select will take a screenshot (self-incrementing) Credits: The background effect is based on a PSP SDK sample. Audio is from and is royalty free.
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Related Forum: PlayStation Forum

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