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Truth or Shuffle!

Download Name: Truth or Shuffle!  

Category: PSP & PS Vita PSP Homebrew Games

Submitted By: Ahri

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Who would have expected that virtual coins and Shuffles could fix your fate and determine your doings in life? Well, we didn't, and we're pretty sure you didn't either. It's about time we all take a chance and have a look at these two applications that try to digitize the essence of randomness. First up is Xandu's Truth of Shuffle! application. Think of it as a digitized "Spin the Bottle" game. Ask a question, press circle to spin the Shuffle, and you've got yourself an instant prediction as to who would do what. For the most part, it's uncannily accurate: when asked who the most feminine member of the blogging team was, it pointed to Chris L. (Just kidding Chris. Don't shoot. Even it DID point to you when we asked it.) The second app is a virtual coin for people to play "Heads and Tails" with. Called "Coin Toss" by The_undead, its developer, you can use it to replace the standard currency you'd normally flip into the air for questions an either/or type of answer. One thing noted on the forums is that you can invalidate the findings to a certain extent because holding onto the trigger that activates the toss keeps the coin spinning indefinitely. There's also no option for the coin to stand on its end, and there isn't a quirk in the system that'll force Sadako to replace the coin and scare the daylights out of unsuspecting folks when they least expect it. Then again, that's a minor concern. You can install Truth or Shuffle! by placing it in the game folder of your PSP, and Coin Toss becomes operational once you place it in the applications subfolder of the LUA Player folder. While you might want to enjoy these two games of chance, remember not to take any chances with your PSP's health. Check the forums and ask the forumgoers if you need a specific FW to run the apps. So far, we've tested it on 1.5, but make sure you confirm that it works on FW you use most often so you reduce the risk of bricking your handheld. Enjoy!
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Related Forum: PlayStation Forum

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