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Mighty No. 9 - Super Boss Killer

Tutorial Name: Mighty No. 9 - Super Boss Killer  

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Complete Boss Rush Mode in less than 20 minutes.

This mode is no joke. It requires you to beat all of the bosses in the game, in a row, with only one life and two health tanks. Your health does not recharge in between fights. All the bosses are also on hard mode where they have different attacks. It took me 2 months of practice to be able to do this. Prepare yourself.

What it comes down to is being able to beat Brandish with only using one energy tank. By the time I beat it I was able to beat each boss up to Brandish without getting hit, and then each boss after Brandish without getting hit. When I finally won I used one energy tank on Brandish and didn't use the second one.

Here are the detailed tips on how to beat the bosses you have been waiting for.

Constructor Robot: Weakness - Really anything, but I used Brandish
He has 3 different attacks.
1. He dashes across the screen at you. To dodge you need to jump and air dash over him. You can damage him while he is heading towards you.

2. He will fire 3 red rockets out of his back. These rockets will float in the air for a second then home in on you. I found the best way to dodge them is to dash to the far side of the screen and then destroy them as they come in.

3. He will fire a blue energy beam into the ceiling. The energy beam will never hit you, but it does drop rocks out of the ceiling onto your head. There is always a safe place to stand to avoid the rocks.

There is no second half of the fight. He just repeats attack 1, then either attack 2 or 3, then attack 1 again.

On hard the missiles will home in on you faster and the rocks will not have a safe place to stand. Dashing across the screen to destroy the missiles works the same. To avoid the rocks you have to time your dash to go under one, away from where they are falling.

Pyrogen: Weakness - Aviator
He has 3 tells both audio and visual for which attacks he is going to use.

1. He drops down into a football stance. He is going to run across the screen leaving a trail of fire after him. To dodge this one you need to jump and air dash away from him.

2. He pounds his fists together and yells "Here it comes!" He is going to run forward, but once he gets near you he stops and explodes. To dodge this stand near him as he signals the attack. Once he stops quickly dash to the other side of the screen to avoid the explosion.

3. He holds his arms up in the air and yells "Crush!" He runs towards you, but then jumps into the air and does a belly flop. To dodge this dash under him when he jumps.

He signals the second half of the fight by jumping towards the screen and powering up with a pink glow. While this glow is active he will instantly kill you if he touches you, either by running or in the air. Once you absorb him the glow goes away.

In hard mode his explosions are twice the size of normal. To dodge attack 1 you need to be on the far side of the screen away from him and then only jump over him when he gets to you. This will give the fire trail time to disappear. For attack 2 you need to be right next to him before he starts the attack to set him off and then dash all the way to the far side of the screen. Attack 3 is the same.

Once you know the tells if you are holding the aviator power and are near him when he jumps across the screen he will get damaged. One activation of Avi will damage him enough to absorb him. He should never launch an attack. The only exception is when he powers up at half health. If you can damage him when he jumps to power up you will be able to hurt him enough to absorb him, otherwise you will have to avoid his attack.

Cryosphere: Weakness - Technically Pryo, but I preferred using Battalion and my Mighty buster.

She starts the fight by flying up into the air on a pillar of water and chasing you. The pillar will not damage you. If you stand in one place she will freeze the pillar and then start attacking you from the top of the pillar. To avoid this attack stand on the far right side of the screen. From this location she can not freeze you with the pillar, or hit you with her attacks.
Once she forms the pillar you can destroy it with Pyro or Battalion. Once you explode the pillar quickly dash under Cryo to the other side of the screen. If you destroy the pillar in one shot she will be stunned and you can attack her with your mighty buster until she can be absorbed. If she is not stunned she will still try and attack you but the attacks will not make it to you.

She has two types of attacks.
1. Her standard ice ball that travels in an arc and stays on the ground. If you touch the ice while it is on the ground it will freeze you.

2. She will shoot an ice ball that will bounce across the ground. This attack will travel the full screen, bounce off the wall, then travel back. To dodge it you need to watch its bounces and position yourself so it bounces over your head.

If you get hit with any of her ice attacks you will be frozen and she will then stop what she is doing, cover herself in ice, and then jump on your head. If you mash hard enough you can get out before she drops on you.

For the second part of the fight she will hover at about half screen and move across the screen waving her ice attack in front of her. To dodge this you need to wait until she raises the ice attack upwards and then dash under and behind her. After a few moments of doing this movement she will fly back up to the top of the screen and form an ice pillar again. You can attack her while she is hovering but I always found it too risky.

On hard mode she uses attack 2 more often and it is near impossible to mash out of being frozen before she lands on you.

This is a tip for something I noticed at the start of the second part. It is not 100% but it's like 90%. When she activates the second half of the fight she turns to face which ever side you are standing on. If you kept her in the right corner of the screen you can stand under her as she starts to hover in the air. As long as you are closer to the right wall she will turn right, bounce off the wall and go left. If you just stand there she will finish her attack before she gets back to you. When she flies over to to make the ice pillar dash through it to activate the pillar and shoot it with a battalion. She will drop but not be stunned. You should be able to do enough damage with your mighty buster to kill her but she will do at least one bouncing ice ball.

Dynatron: Weakness - Brandish
Dyna will fly around the screen in 3 different patterns.

1. She will start at one side of the screen and bob up and down as she floats to the other side. This is very easy to dodge and where you will get most of your damage in.

2. She will drop to the very bottom of the screen and fly across. If you dash to the corner of the screen in the direction she is heading you can get a few attacks in and she will not hit you.

3. She will float through the middle of the screen. Easy to dodge just stay on the ground. Unfortunately I would sometimes think she was doing to start movement 1 when she did 3 instead and would end up getting hit, thus ruining an Unbreakable run. I would recommend staying away from her until you see what movement she is going to do and then plan accordingly.

After she moves from one side of the screen to the other she will then shoot out her projectiles. She does these in a variety of patterns but the patterns do not matter to how you react. The projectiles themselves do not do any damage to you so being hit by one will not end an Unbreakable run. Once they hit the ground or wall you can destroy them. If they do land on you you can knock them off by mashing left and right on the d-pad.

If the projectiles are left on the ground Dyna will use her second attack. She will fly to the top corner of the screen, power up, and shoot electricity to each of the projectiles that are still out, including the ones on you. If you happen to dodge all of the electricity she will drop to the bottom of the screen almost always ensuring you will take damage.

She starts the second half of the fight by flying into the foreground and then creating an electricity shield around herself. You can destroy the shield with a charged up air drop attack with Brandish. Once you destroy the shield she resumes her normal routine.

On hard there is almost no difference. The only thing I noticed is her using movement 3. I never saw her do that on normal.

Try your very best to always stun her before she does the lightning, or destroy all the projectiles.

Seismic: Weakness - Battallion
Seismic is probably the easiest boss, hard or otherwise. He has 3 different attacks, but generally you will only see 2 because you are going to wreck him so hard.

1. He says "Coming Through" and dashes back and forth across the screen. Touching him will damage you. To dodge you need to just jump and air dash over him.

2. He jumps to one side of the screen and says something like "Watch your head." He will then shot both of his hands at you one after the other. His hands stretch out and you will take damage if you touch them or his arms. To dodge this attack climb up the wall opposite him and air dash to the wall over him. He will never shoot up.

3. He jumps into the air and lands on the ground hard. The ground shakes and boxes fall from the ceiling. There is always a safe place to stand so make sure you find it before the boxes fall. If you do not stun him fast enough a box will fall on top of him, which he will catch. He will then throw the box at you.

For the second half of the fight he will punch the ground and two new walls will drop from the sky effectively making the area smaller. His attack patterns do not change.

Nothing changes on hard mode, he is stupid easy. It always takes 3 battalions to stun him for absorption.

Battalion: Weakness - Cyrosphere
Battalion is also easy. When fighting him correctly he will generally only get off one attack.

He starts the fight by jumping towards you. Sometimes he will do a long jump to get right on top of you. Sometimes he will do a short jump. If he does a long jump you can easily dash under him. He he does a short jump you can still dash under him but you have a much smaller window. Sadly there really is not a tell for which jump he is going to do. He has 3 different attacks you need to avoid.

1. He shouts "Suppressing Fire!" and shoots a stream of bullets forward, followed by a wave a bullets diagonally in front of him. To dodge this you need to jump straight up. The first shot will go under you and the second volley will go over you as you land back on the ground.

2. He shouts "Fire at will!" and fires 4 white and red missiles at you. The missiles fly at you until you attempt to jump over them. Once you are above them they turn and go straight up. You can dodge this in two ways. First you can jump and air dash to get over them quickly. Second you can crouch dash to go under them.

3. He jumps into the air and yells "Death from above" and fires a wave of bullets in an arc in front of him. If you see him do this you just need to dash behind him. He does not turn around after he shouts.

The second half of the fight begins with him jumping to one of the far sides of the screen. He transforms into a giant pistol and shouts "Ready...Aim...FIRE!" on "Fire!" he shoots a large missile at you that attaches to the opposite wall. Touch the missile while it is traveling to the wall will kill you instantly. If you do not defeat him quickly he will detonate the missile and damage you. To dodge this attack you need to dash to the opposite side of the room and wait for him to fire. Once you see the missile come out of the gun crouch dash. It really doesn't matter where you are because you will be dashing towards Battalion and the missile will be traveling away from him and you will avoid it every single time.

On hard it doesn't matter what is different. He is weak to Cryo. When he is being frozen he can not jump, thus he can not travel around the screen. If you rapid fire cryo shots on him he will never get an attack off. While doing Boss Rush he would be the first boss I would get hit by because his first jump would often hit me, but I would destroy him after that.

Aviator: Weakness - Countershade
He has three attack patterns that are fairly easy to dodge. One thing of note about the stage is that it has the air currents pushing up from the bottom of the screen. This means that as long as you air dash you will not fall to your death.

1. He starts at the top of one side of the screen and dives down towards the platform, then rises up again in a V shape while his small satellite flies back and forth over the platforms. This is the time I would get the most damage in. The countershade shot ricochets off the satellite and into Avi.

Once he starts moving it is hard to hit him so I would always do the most damage right when the satellite would drop down signaling he was going to do this attack. Fire two shots while he is floating above the satellite and then wait until he is diving at you to fire the third. I found if I tried to rapid fire I would miss on the third shot, but if I waited for him to dive I would always hit and stun him.

2. He will appear on the top or the bottom of one side of the screen and then travel down (or up) fireing a spread of bullets towards you. He then appears on the other side of the screen and repeats the attack. To dodge this attack just hang off the ledge opposite his direction.

3. He will fly across the top of the screen and drop missiles. He will always first drop missions on one of the two outside platforms. He will then fly back and drop missiles on the middle platform. I would stand still on the middle platform, then dash and hang off the ledge of one of the hanging platforms and then jump back to the middle again.

The second half of the fight starts with him flying into the background. He will then shoot a rapid fire machine gun at you and follow you as you move. I would start on the right floating platform. I would wait for the gun to get close then jump and dash over it to the left platform. I would then walk off the left side of the platform and dash until I grabbed the ledge of the middle platform. By this time he generally would be done and fly off. His flying off can hurt you but I found hanging off the middle platform would keep me out of the way.

On hard the only thing I really noticed is that he would do his missile attack 3 times. He would drop on the outside platforms, then the middle platform, then the outside platform again. Still is very easy to dodge.

Brandish: Weakness - Seismic
I got nothing for you. His attacks are random. I could not find a pattern to exploit. He has two types of attacks, which his swords and without his swords. You can break his swords by hitting him with seismic.
He has several attacks both on the ground and in the air. While holding his swords he might do any of the attacks. Without his swords he will not do any attack that has him spin.

While on the ground he will either do a dashing kick or spin with his swords toward you. You can dodge by jumping and air dashing over him.

While in the air he will do a spinning sword attack towards you and either drop down on your head, or stop in mid air and dive kick towards you.

The second half of the fight starts with his ultimate strike attack. He homes in on you but always attacks in the same pattern so it can be dodged once you understand.

He strikes vertical, horizontal, towards top left, vertical, towards bottom left, vertical, horizontal over your head.

To dodge you dash right, jump, air dash left, drop dash, walk right, crouch dash. It sounds easy on paper but is very very hard to avoid.

He is already hard. On hard I did not notice any difference in his patterns.
I mainly used seismic and tried to bounce on his head to get the most hits in. You kinda gotta hope for a good pattern. I'd get hit sometimes by his ultimate strike but this attack wasn't a big deal. If you can kill him he will only do it twice at the most. I would take more damage from his normal attacks then anything else. Another thing to note is that he will sometimes float up off the ground and glow blue. When he does this he can not be hurt. You have to wait until his feet touch the ground again to damage him.

Countershade: Weakness - Dynatron (though I really only used Battalion)
Shade will randomly appear in one of 5 places on the map and do 2 different attacks. He can appear on either of the two upper platforms, behind the left and right couches, or on the chandelier. He will never appear on the lower middle area. That is a safe zone/kill zone.

He will either take aim with his rifle or throw targets on the screen. If he aims with his rifle you will see the trajectory of the shot and can easily avoid it. If he throws the targets up his shot will bounce across the targets and the final one will aim towards you. To dodge it you will have to hide behind one of the couches.

He might fire two different types of projectiles. He will fire 5 standard green bullets. These follow whatever trajectory he has and do normal damage.

He might also fire 1 purple bullet. This bullet with follow the trajectory but if it hits you it will confuse you. All of your buttons are reversed making it very difficult to dodge the next wave of attacks.

The second half of the fight starts with him putting up a shield in front of him and throwing a target into the foreground. You can not damage him during this attack. He will rapid fire green bullets at the target which will bounce towards you. When you see this attack starting stand on the couch closest to him. The bullets travel to where you were once they bounce off the target so you can avoid all of them by moving around the room and not double backing on yourself.

After he finishes the attack he will appear with a clone in one of the spaces. The clone is transparent so you will know who is real by looking at them, but you have to be quick or he will get an attack off. The clones do not attack, or take damage. They are only there to distract you.

On hard the purple bullet keeps you confused for an obscene amount of time. If you get hit you might as well restart. Once he gets to the second half of the fight he will make two clones, which is more confusing but they still don't attack you.

The secret here is that two rockets will make him disappear. He should never get a shot off. In the second half of the fight with the clones the rocket explosions take up a lot of space so you will only have to guess a little.

I feel this is the easiest boss to defeat with your Mighty Buster, thus the first one I tackle during all of my speed runs.

Prison stage boss:
This boss has two stages, with eye and without eye.

It will always start the fight by jumping across the screen towards you. You can easily dash under it while it is in the air. If it has its eye it will turn and fire directly at you. You can block the bullets with your shield but the goal is to destroy the eye. Call is able to fire another bullet once the first bullet disappears. The best way to damage the eye is to be close to the boss, jump up, and rapid fire into the eye.

After you take out the eye it will jump to the other side of the screen. Dash under when it jumps and then crouch under it's mouth when it shoots. It will not fire directly under it, but once it stops you will need to quickly dash away or else you will get damaged when it puts its head down.

The only tricky part is dodging the crates the boss summons. They will hover over you, but they do not drop on a set pattern. You have to watch for the crate to shake and then dash away. Once the crate drops there will either be an arm robot or a shield robot. If it is an arm robot the blind boss will eat it and explode causing more damage. If it is a shield robot the boss will regain its eye (but not its health) and you have to start the whole pattern over again.

Robot Factory Stage boss: Weakness - Dyna and Cryo
This boss has way too much nonsense to describe. I didn't bother learning all of the ins and outs. Instead I will give you the best way to kill it and leave it at that.

First go into the weapon options and set Dyna as you Y button. Set Seismic as your 1 and Brandish as your 2.

Once the fight starts use Dyna on the eye and try and stay as close as possible to damage it quickly. The boss will be using the conveyor belt to push you away. The boss will then detach its two arms and attack you. One arm will attack from above while the other will come at you horizontally. Use seismic bounce on the arm that comes at you on the ground to destroy it and ignore the arm in the air. It should take two applications of Dyna to destroy the robot.

When the eye is destroyed switch to brandish and go ham on the real boss. If you are fast you can get two absorptions on it.

The Eye will regenerate and you will use the same Dyna technique. This time the conveyor belt will push you close to the boss. This will make it easier for you to get hit, but also the Eye should die faster. Once it is dead switch one of your weapons to cryosphere. The real boss is incredibly weak to cryo so about 3 or so absorption and you are done.

The reason you use brandish on the boss first is because you will not be able to kill it with one wave of Cryo. Once it gets to half health the Eye changes tactics and the fight gets a whole lot harder. Doing the way I described lets you avoid the entire second half shenanigans.

Trinity: Weakness - Battallion
Trinity is the hardest boss until you understand her weaknesses. I spent hours memorizing the patterns of her projectiles for the first wave, but now I can beat her without using an energy tank.

The first stage has 3 different attacks.
1. She will start at the bottom corner of one side of the screen and shoot out square projectiles in a pattern. Once she shoots enough out she will weaken and you can damage her. She will then draw all the projectiles back into her making her invincible again. The projectiles are always in the same pattern so you can learn to dodge it, or if you use brandish it takes out all of the work. A swipe from brandish nullifies the projectiles so you can stand in one place and cut them without needing to dodge.

2. She will fly up to the top of one corner of the screen When she does this platforms will raise on the opposite side of her. She will then fly across the top of the screen dropping projectiles below her, and weakening herself. When she gets to the platforms they will lower. Platforms will then raise on the other side and she will move across the screen drawing the projectiles back into her. To dodge this one make sure you are on the tallest platform and then air dash over her. You can damage her once she is weakened with some Battalion missiles.

3. She will move to the center of the screen and platforms will raise on either side of her. She will shoot out projectiles in a circular pattern, and then draw them back in in the same pattern. You can easily dodge this attack by jumping up the platforms and air dashing over her ahead of the projectiles. You will have plenty of time to damage her during this attack.

She will rotate through the 3 attacks until you can bring down all of her life.

When she is on the ground you can stand in front of her and mash Brandish. This will nullify all of the projectiles and then let you damage her once she is weakened. When she draws the projectiles back into her you have to stop and either dodge or cut the projectiles to not get damaged. When she is in the air you can stick a Battalion missile on to her while she is strong and then once she is weakened you can explode it to damage her. When she is in the middle you can let loose with Battalions. If you maximize your damage you can kill this form in one or two rotations.

On hard mode she will have two different patterns for projectiles while she is on the ground. Using The Brandish method it does not matter which pattern she uses. Her other attacks are the same.

The second half of the battle changes everything. She has 3 new main attack patterns.

1. She will raise up in flower form on one side of the screen. She will then move back and forth across the screen several times before she goes into the wall to move on to the next attack. You only do damage when shooting her head. To dodge this attack you need to shoot the body segments until they are weakened and then dash through them. This will absorb a body segment and lower the head so you can easily damage it. Once she is down to just a head she will walk through the wall and move on to the next attack. Using Battalion you can damage all segments at a time and the head.

2. She pops up in the middle of the screen and platforms will rise on either side of her. She will then shoot projectiles out of the top of her that rain down. These projectiles do not move in any particular pattern, but they will shoot towards you. To dodge this attack you need to quickly destroy her two body segments. Then when you climb onto the platforms the projectiles will not go far enough to hit you. You can still damage the head with Battalion but you will most likely take damage when trying to absorb her. I did find that using Dynatron I could damage her and absorb her safely but it wasn't a lot of damage.

At about half health she will do her final attack that is a real pain to dodge. This killed me more than any of her other attacks.

3. Platforms raise up on the right side of the screen and she appears on the top right corner. She shoots a stream of projectiles as she moves down the right side wall. As she moves down the platforms lower and they raise up on the left side of the screen. When she reaches the bottom she then moves across the bottom of the screen shooting a stream of projectiles upwards. As she moves the platforms on the left side of the screen lower and raise up on the right side of the screen. Finally she moves up the left side of the screen shooting the stream of projectiles as the platforms lower.

You have to dodge this attack in three stages. For the first stage you need to be on the middle platform on the left to be able to jump through the break in her stream of projectiles. For the second part you need to stand on the highest platform and then air dash through the break. For the final part you need to stand on the highest platform on the right side and when you see the break jump and drop dash through it to avoid the rest of the projectiles.

She rotates through these attacks mainly doing attacks 1 and 2. Using Battalion you might be able to kill her before she does the third attack, but at most you will only have to deal with it once.

On Hard mode nothing changes. Using battalion will kill her dead just like on normal.


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