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Mighty No. 9 - Brave the Gauntlet

Tutorial Name: Mighty No. 9 - Brave the Gauntlet  

Category: Xbox One Tutorials

Submitted By: Ryan

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Complete all themes in single-player Challenge Mode.

The challenge modes are unlocked as you beat the game. I will explain what set of challenges are, but they are too complicated to try and explain in text. There are very good YouTube guides out there that I ended up using to beat the harder ones.

Challenge levels 1-6 are platforming challenges that require you to use your knowledge of the game mechanics to get through the end. By beating the game you will be able to dominate these. For 5 it wants a chain of ten 100% combos. Just make sure you absorb quickly. 6 is the trickiest of this set because you need to avoid instant kill electricity. For the ladder section you need to be able to time and angle you jumps between ladders.

Challenge levels 7-14 are target challenges using each weapon. The map and location of the targets are the exact same so its really easy to run through them.

Challenge levels 15-23 are different challenges that use each weapon. These ones get tricky. Level 23 is a platforming level gives you access to all of your weapons but is a very tricky challenge.

Challenge levels 24-35 are playing through each stage of the game but you have to beat them all in one life. Some of the stages have tricky sections when you only have one left. I will go over them in a second.

Challenge level 36 - Beat the entire game in one life. I recommend mastering boss rush first because then the bosses will be jokes to you and you only have to be concerned with the levels themselves. One big thing is to make sure you have an energy tank build up for each boss just in case.

There are only a hand full of spots where I died. Any spot you find tricky I recommend practicing in the normal game until you have mastered it.

Oil field: the falling pillars. The game wants you to rush, but that will get you killed. I found more success with taking it slow. There is no time achievement. Wait for the pillars to fall and for the background robots to fire. There is plenty of time to jump in between the fire disappearing and the robots firing again.

Water works: there is a part in the ice section where a plug robot will create a wall with two helicopter robots behind the wall. The tricky part is right after that. You have to jump from that platform and air dash to a platform ahead of you. The problem is there is another helicopter robot and a worm robot right there ready to damage you and push you into the spikes. You can not grab on to the ledge because of the ice. I died many times on mis-timed air dashes.

I found the best solution is to use aviator to slowly descent to the platform, then kill the worm before moving on.

Army base: the room before the boss is a series of conveyor belts and dropping boxes with enemies and mines to push you into the spikes on the ground.

I found the best course of action is to Battalion the whole room. The rockets will destroy mines, enemies and boxes. Once everything is clear it is safe to jump to each platform.

Brandish: He still the hardest boss. Make sure you slow play the level and build up an energy tank for the boss. You only get an opportunity for one. The only blue enemies are the billboards and while there are a lot, if you use your tank in the second part of the stage you will not have enough enemies to build a second one. Battalion rockets are your friend.

Prison: the call stage spikes are the trickiest environmental hazard in the game. I made sure to practice this one part until I could do it blind folded. As you float down between the two gun turrets position yourself close to the turret on the left. That way when you dash forward you do not dash into the spikes on the roof of the corridor. Then you can time the second dash to get out of there.

Final stage: there is nothing tricky here but I got really fed up with the regeneration blocks. It took me forever to figure out the trick. The blocks do not regenerate if you are close to them. So if you are jumping at them when you blow them up they will not reappear.


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