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Mighty No. 9 - The Floor is Lava

Tutorial Name: Mighty No. 9 - The Floor is Lava  

Category: Xbox One Tutorials

Submitted By: Ryan

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Complete any stage with Beck's feet touching the ground for no more than 1 second.

The achievement is more generous than it sounds. I did this on the highway stage.
First, it is asking that you do not touch the ground for more than a second at a time. It is not asking for you to only touch the ground for only a second in the entire level.

As soon as the level starts start jumping. Always switch weapons in the air. I spent most of my time dashing through enemies and taking damage. Dying does not matter. I died about 7 times. Cut scenes do not matter. As long as you start jumping as soon as it lets you move it is acceptable. For the boss I used seismic and bounced on his head. I died 4 times at the boss alone and still got it. There were several times I switched weapons on the ground, took a step, shot while on the ground and got hit. I did not think I would get the achievement, but it popped. Do not worry about messing up, but make sure you are actively trying to always be jumping.

I recorded myself doing it. This was a second run on my alt account. The xbox one does not record the achievement pop at the end so it really just looks like scrubby play, but this did earn the achievement. I die a lot in the beginning. The run where I finally get momentum doesn't start until 2:30. I left it all in there so you can see exactly what I did to get it.


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