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Mighty No. 9 - Mighty Amazing

Tutorial Name: Mighty No. 9 - Mighty Amazing  

Category: Xbox One Tutorials

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Complete every AMAZING! technical bonus.

There are only 6 AMAZING! Bonuses.

Water Works Bureau Stage:
The AMAZING! Bonus is awarded for completely navigating the section where you are dropping past pink electricity on the walls. Halfway through the second set of electricity it has a hall you can dash through to get out. Ignore that. To get the AMAZING! You have to go all the way through the electricity section.

Mine Stage:
After the first section with the drilling robots that come out of the floor and ceiling there will be a rock throwing robot and you will need to drop down past some pink electricity on the wall. You can grab onto the wall and drop down safely. At the bottom of this section there is a moving platform and some power ups. You have to time it so you let go of the wall, air dash to the platform, and then crouch dash through the opening to get those power ups. The AMAZING! Is awarded once you come out of the other side.

Military Base Stage:
You will get to a section of conveyor belts that has one helicopter robot, and a lot of wooden crates that you have to navigate. It is a section that has a SPRINTER! Bonus. After this section is another group of conveyor belts that are dropping metal crates. When you get to the end of the top conveyor belt on the right wall there is a breakable box. You have to destroy that box and then jump through that opening. When you drop through the hole in the next section you have to air dash onto the wooden crate on the right, or I have seen a video where the player positions themselves to land on the wooden crate. The AMAZING! Is awarded when you land on the wooden crate. If you land on the mine you will not receive the bonus.

Radio Tower Stage:
After fighting the mini boss you will leave the tower on the right side, climb up some rings and then reenter the tower. The section has an upwards air current and some monkey robots hanging from the ceiling. You need to navigate this section without falling down to get the AMAZING!. Really its just use Battalion. One blast will stun the hanging robots.

Prison Stage:
You have to be quick for this one. After the first two key card sections you will enter a room with one of the large blade robots looking at you. There is a box sitting in front of him. You have to jump on the box and grab the latter to climb up. The AMAZING! Bonus is awarded about halfway up the ladder.

Battle Colosseum:
You will reach a hallway where the floor is moving up and down with a robot that dashes at you, and a turret robot. Before you get off the moving floor if you look up you will see a hand hold to climb up the wall. Use Aviator to jump up there and climb up to a semi-secret area with power ups and enemies. The AMAZING! Is awarded once you climb up into the section.


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