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Mafia III - Never Saw it Coming

Tutorial Name: Mafia III - Never Saw it Coming  

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There are very few opportunities to earn this achievement, but it can easily be done early on in your playthrough during the "The Home Fires Burn" mission.

Once you reach the dock, you will need to make your way through the Haitian camp and reach the chapel where Baka is located. I recommend sprinting past all the enemies on your way to the chapel and picking up the automatic rifle on the wooden crate just before passing through the chapel ground's entrance (refer to the video below).

Approach the building with your rifle wielded, ignore the two enemies at the entrance, and proceed to kick open the door. Now quickly turn around and use your rifle to kill the enemies you passed. If you're quick to the kill, the achievement will unlock. Feel free to refer to the video below for a visual demonstration.

NOTE: There is an additional, almost unmissable opportunity to earn this achievement towards the end of the game during the mission where you are tasked to kill Olivia Marcano. After dealing with the woman, you'll be required to leave the estate through the back entrance. As you approach the locked door, you will hear someone on the other side banging on the door and asking if everything is alright. Since you're required to go this way and kick open the door to progress, simply kill the guard on the other side and the achievement will unlock.


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