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LEGO The Incredibles - It's Learning...

Tutorial Name: LEGO The Incredibles - It's Learning...  

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This can only be done during Chapter 9, 'Nomanisan Island', during Story or Freeplay.

There are eight traps that are in the beginning of the level. All you need to do is trigger them.
Here is a list of the traps:

1. Mouse Trap - Right where you spawn head straight then up a bit, you'll notice a mouse trap. Stand on the button to activate, then jump out of the way.
2. Box Trap - From that trap head towards the screen, jump down a cliff next to a small waterfall and climbing wall, go under the box to activate. Smash your way out. Climb back up.
3. Bear Trap - Use a Lucius or a flying character to glide over giant river. Stand right in the middle bear trap and jump off.
4. Plant trap - Punch the wall and throw the rock onto the plant trap.
5. Tree trap - Head up towards next area smash bushes and rock the tree will come towards you press [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] to dodge it.
6. Fly trap - Stand on fly trap for a second. Green with teeth.
7. Meteor Trap - Head towards the right and stand on the big red X on the ground wait a couple seconds for meteor to fall.
8. Hammer Trap - From the X move up a little by some shiny rocks and a hammer will try to smash you.

It may take a few minutes to unlock the achievement but after the last trap you've trigger it will unlock.


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