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LEGO DC Super-Villains - Well played, well planned

Tutorial Name: LEGO DC Super-Villains - Well played, well planned  

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Note: Make sure you complete the whole level; you cannot save and exit. Most of these minikits can only be obtained in FREE PLAY.

There are five minikits and you don't need the wall tag for this level.

Minikit 1: (3:00) FREE PLAY ONLY: In the scene with Klarion's fire serpent, climb up the hill where some of your friends are fighting on the left and smash the floor with Superboy or any strong character. Then use Aqualad or a character who can illuminate. Build the kit.

Minikit 2: (3:20) STORY/FREE PLAY: On the right by a water generator is another broken floor. Smash it with Superboy and build the minikit.

Minikit 3: (4:35) STORY/FREE PLAY: There are three REGAN vending machines
1. On the left side of the red dome.
2. Behind red dome.
3. Head towards the screen on the far left.

Tag: (5:30) Not needed. Right by the red dome behind it.

Minikit 4: (5:45) FREE PLAY ONLY: Joker items (Use Joker)
1. Break all the weapon racks.
2. Have to break a rock by the weapon racks on the left.
3. Right by the wall tag are three canisters to destroy.

Put all the items in laugh chamber canister and hold [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] on the wall to release the gas in the red room.

Minikit 5: (9:05) FREE PLAY ONLY: Fight with Mantis. Use Superman or another strong character for orange handle bars on the right.


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