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LEGO DC Super-Villains - I can take care of myself

Tutorial Name: LEGO DC Super-Villains - I can take care of myself  

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Note: Make sure you complete the whole level; you cannot save and exit. Most of these minikits can only be obtained in FREE PLAY.

There are five minikits and you don't need the wall tag for this level.

Minikit 1: STORY/FREEPLAY: four magic eight balls to smash.
1. (0:43) The first one is in front of you by some teddy bears.
2. (0:51) Right after you cross Santa's house with lights on it, before you shoot anything down will be a stack on the right.

Make sure you use Freddy Freeman for part with Dr. Sivana in the ornament. This can be buggy.

3. (1:15) After you've knocked Dr. Sivana in the ornament out, head left by some more toys on the bottom shelf by the smashed wall.
4. (1:55) You will see a Superman statue behind it, in the corner is one last one.

Minikit 2: (1:20) FREEPLAY ONLY: Use a character that can shrink like The Atom or your custom character you made in the main story to hop into the fuse box.

Minikit 3: (2:07) FREEPLAY ONLY: Use Mirror Man to set one of the mirrors by the Superman Statue then use Shazam to break the big fuse box and use it. Now use Mirror Man to shoot it at an angle to the other one in the next room where Shazam! is fight Dr. Sivana. Switch to Batman or someone who can use a bomb on the silver gate of Santa's Castle.

Minikit 4: (2:40) FREEPLAY ONLY: Head right; use Cyborg, Superman, or someone with lasers to shoot the ice and melt it for a minikit.

Minikit 5: (2:55) FREEPLAY ONLY: Now head left and use Poison-Ivy to grow the Christmas tree.


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