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LEGO DC Super-Villains - You just don't know when to quit

Tutorial Name: LEGO DC Super-Villains - You just don't know when to quit  

Category: Xbox One Tutorials

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Note: Make sure you complete the whole level; you cannot save and exit. Most of these minikits can only be obtained in FREE PLAY.

There are 5 minikits and you don't need the wall tag for this level.

Minikit 1: (0:30) FREEPLAY ONLY: Use Superman or a character with laser abilities to shoot the gold box from wall on the left.

Minikit 2: (0:57) STORY/FREEPLAY: Use Flash on the glass case in Free Play or Batman's sonar bolt during Story (after using the detective mode spot).

Minikit 3: (1:30) FREEPLAY ONLY: Use Raven on magic brick oven.

Minikit 4: STORY/FREEPLAY: 5 statues to smash down.
1. (0:20) Right in the start a statue on the left.
2. (0:48) Right in the middle of the living room by couches.
3. (1:43) In the second area head back middle.
4. (1:56) Head all the way left by wall tag.
5. (2:25) Head right by high striker.

Minikit 5: (2:33) FREEPLAY ONLY: In the second area, use Harley Quinn on the high striker with her hammer.


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