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LEGO DC Super-Villains - Crime Does Pay

Tutorial Name: LEGO DC Super-Villains - Crime Does Pay  

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Maxing out your stud bar to obtain 'True Villain' in every level is simple to do. Multipliers from red bricks will help you; it's very easy to get all the levels done with x2 multiplier on with very little effort of smashing some things in the level for studs. The only down side to the red bricks are that they are very costly so the sooner you find x2 and others the sooner you will start earning more studs for more collectibles.

Here is a [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] for each red brick multiplier location:

x2 Red Brick - Level 8, 'Fight at the Museum' (Cost: 500,000) ANY MODE
Location: Use Mirror Man to jump your way through the mirror portals.
x4 Red Brick - Level 15, 'Darkseid Of The Moon' (Cost: 1,500,000) FREEPLAY ONLY
Location: Hidden at the top of the level on Darkseid's Throne. Important not to blow up the second generator. You may have to fly around to the back if Darkseid is shooting at you to get to the poster.
x6 Red Brick - Bonus Level 1, 'Granny Knows Best' (Cost: 4,000,000) FREEPLAY ONLY
Location: Hidden in Granny Goodness's Bathtub. Right in the beginning.
x8 Red Brick - Bonus Level 3, 'These Boots Are Made For Stompa' (Cost: 50,000,000 studs) FREEPLAY ONLY
Location: Grow a flower during the battle with Stompa.
x10 Red Brick - Bonus Level 5, 'You Kanto-Uch This' (Cost: 250,000,000 studs) FREEPLAY ONLY
Location: Sneak into Kanto's trophy room to collect! There will be a vent on the floor.
Here is a list for all levels stud requirements:

Level 1, 'New Kid on the Block' - 200,000 studs
Level 2, 'It's Good to be Bad' - 105,000 studs
Level 3, 'S.T.A.R.S. In Your Eyes' - 110,000 studs
Level 4, 'The Harley And The Ivy' - 120,000 studs
Level 5, 'Arkham Barely Believe It' - 250,000 studs
Level 6, 'Con-Grodd-ulations' - 120,000 studs
Level 7, 'Oa No!' - 120,000 studs
Level 8, 'Fight at the Museum' - 100,000 studs
Level 9, 'Sea-king Trouble' - 50,000 studs
Level 10, 'Gridlocked' - 50,000 studs
Level 11, 'Apokolips, Wow!' - 250,000 studs
Level 12, 'The One With The T. rex Mech' - 180,000 studs
Level 13, 'They Think It's Owl Over' - 105,000 studs
Level 14, 'Steppenwolf Surprise' - 210,000 studs
Level 15, 'Darkseid Of The Moon' - 105,000 studs
Bonus Level 1, 'Granny Knows Best' - 80,000 studs
Bonus Level 2, 'Man to Mantis' - 65,000 studs
Bonus Level 3, 'These Boots are made for Stompa' - 25,000 studs
Bonus Level 4, 'Arma-Ghetto Superstar' - 55,000 studs
Bonus Level 5, 'You Kanto-uch This!' - 65,000 studs

If you are playing Story Mode, complete the level after obtaining 'True Villain' and this will unlock at the end at the results screen. If replaying a level in Free Play, as soon as you obtain 'True Villain', you can save and quit the level and it will unlock.


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