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Killing Floor 2 - End of the Line

Tutorial Name: Killing Floor 2 - End of the Line  

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The Matriarch was added with the Yuletide Horrors update. She is one of a total of five random bosses and appears in all game modes. She is identified as a massive mech-looking creature with a mechanical claw and plasma cannon. In addition, she can also cloak, has a tesla blast and a deadly tentacle melee attack.

Her most vulnerable areas are her head and lower left arm (after her armor is destroyed). Like her father, the Patriarch, melee, EMP, ice and microwave weapons work best to take this boss down quickly. Explosives, assault rifles and similar projectile weapons deal only moderate damage.

To unlock this achievement, unlike the Patriarch or Hans Volter, you do not be the player that actually kills the Matriarch for the achievement to unlock. In addition, if you are alive when the boss wave starts but get killed during it, as long as your team defeats the Matriarch and you are still in the game, the achievement will unlock.

Although the bosses are randomly chosen, if you are making your way to Level 25, it is likely you'll encounter her a fair amount, so don't worry if she doesn't show up immediately. However, if you've already leveled up your perk and are just trying to defeat this boss, there are two methods to get to the boss wave as quick as possible. You can play a short game of Survival mode or play Endless mode, each on any map you are comfortable with. Also, it is recommended that you play solo so the enemy count is lower and the boss is easier to defeat.

In Endless mode, bosses appear every five waves, and the number of enemies in each wave is comparable to Survival mode. But, after each boss wave, the enemy variety becomes more difficult making surviving more difficult. Since you only have a 1 in 5 chance of the Matriarch appearing in the boss wave, if she doesn't show up for the first boss wave, it's probably best to restart the game.

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