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Just Cause 4 - Free the Snow!

Tutorial Name: Just Cause 4 - Free the Snow!  

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The collectibles on this map are in the form of snowglobes. Shoot 10 to unlock this achievement. Refer to "Catacombs Cash" in the main guide for more information.

The collectibles on this map aren't available all at once. As you complete waves, you open up areas that were previously inaccessible. Therefore, while you cannot get all 10 snowglobes with the strategy of leaving one Zed alive, you can do this until all collectibles for that wave have been obtained.

Each new area has 3-5 collectibles, and depending on the length of the game being played will determine how soon you can unlock this. For instance, if you play a Short (4 wave) game, you can unlock this by Wave 3. A Medium (7 wave) game can unlock this by Wave 5. And finally, for a Long (10 wave) game, this can unlock by Wave 7.

The reason for this is that if you play a longer game, a new area does not open up after every wave. The longer the game, the more you have to clear waves in the same area.


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