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Killing Floor 2 - Quick on the Trigger

Tutorial Name: Killing Floor 2 - Quick on the Trigger  

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The Patriarch is one of four random bosses who appear in both Survival and VS Survival matches. He is identified as a massive hulk-looking creature with a chaingun on his left arm. Other weapons he possesses are a deadly rocket launcher and a melee attack.

EMP, ice and microwave weapons work best to take this boss down quickly. Explosives, assault rifles and similar projectile weapons deal only moderate damage. His most vulnerable areas are his right hand and stomach.

This boss is different than the others. As his health depletes, he cloaks and runs away to another part of the map to recover. To unlock this achievement, you must kill him before he has a chance to recover. The best way to do this is by sealing doors in a moderately medium sized room (like the barn in Farmhouse) so the area is enclosed so he can't get out. This, of course, can be very dangerous.

To unlock this achievement, you have to be the one who actually kills the boss; dealing damage alone will not award you with the achievement. Although the bosses are randomly chosen, as you are making your way to Level 25 you will encounter a good amount of this boss, so don't worry if you don't get this on your first few tries. Better weapons and assigning beneficial skills as you level up will make him easier to kill.

A much easier way to unlock this achievement is to set up a VS Survival game with a friend or boosting partner with you playing as a human. Play through the rounds until you reach the final boss, which is always The Patriarch in this mode. With your friend as the boss, shoot him a few times to do some damage then have your friend quit out of the match. This will award you with both the victory as well as earning you the achievement (since the Patriarch didn't heal).

More information about the Patriarch can be found on Tripwire's wiki page [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] .

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