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Killing Floor 2 - Win Hell on Earth

Tutorial Name: Killing Floor 2 - Win Hell on Earth  

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Note: Difficulties do not stack so you will need to play and win a match on each of the higher difficulties.

For this achievement, you need to win a Survival match (defeat the boss) on Hell on Earth difficulty. It can be a Short, Medium or Long game. Because of the difficulty, it is recommended that your perk level be between 20-25. While this is extremely difficult, it will be much less frustrating if you have a lobby full of higher level players. It is not recommended you attempt this solo.

For any of the difficulty-related achievements, if you join a game in progress and it's not the Boss wave, if you stay in the game until the Boss is defeated (whether you are alive or not), you will get credit for the win and the achievement will unlock.

In general, as the difficulties increase, you take more damage with each hit, enemies become stronger, faster and take less damage. You will also find less ammo to pick up around the map and you earn less dosh with each kill. But XP gained is increased, slightly.

It is best to tackle these difficulties with a team, at a higher skill level and ideally with beneficial perks. If you have a team of just one or two different perks, it might be more difficult to survive. Working together and to the strengths of your chosen perk is the only way you'll survive and win the match. Keep in mind that if there are more players in the match, the number of Zeds encountered is scaled accordingly.

The best strategy for Hell on Earth difficulty is to have a group of 6 high level players (Level 22-25 is ideal) on the map 'Prison'. Make sure that at least one player is a Berserker (who has the Vampire skill selected) and one player is a Field Medic (Commandos and other players can purchase an assault rifle that has a health beam as a secondary mode when they accumulate enough dosh if a Field Medic isn't available. Make this a priority).

There is an area in that map where there is a guard tower overlooking the yard. The tower is enclosed by a fence. Have the Berserker stand at the entrance to the fence with two or three players standing on the landing behind them so they can constantly heal him and kill the overwhelming onslaught of Zeds. Have the remaining players standing at the top of the tower overlooking the area to assist with dealing damage to the oncoming Zeds so they are weaker for the Berserker and other players on the landing.

As the Berserker kills Zeds, with the Vampire skill, their health keeps replenishing, so this makes them the ideal perk to have at that location. If players standing behind continually heal them, this will almost guarantee that the Berserker won't die. Since patching the game and getting rid of all the corner exploits, this is the most sound and effective strategy to getting this achievement.


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