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Killing Floor 2 - It's Only a Flesh Wound

Tutorial Name: Killing Floor 2 - It's Only a Flesh Wound  

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A Fleshpound is one of the bigger Zeds who shows up in later waves in both Survival and VS Survival matches. It is identified by two giant metal spiked mallets for its hands. Shooting the mallets will do no damage at all; you have to aim for its head and the chest. It has a charging attack when you are in its sights and puts its arms up to protect its chest, which glows yellow or red depending on its state of rage, and then pounds on you when it is close enough, hence the name.

Shooting it in the head, chest and using explosives are the best way to take a Fleshpound down. To unlock this achievement, you have to be the one who actually kills the Fleshpound; dealing damage alone will not award you with the achievement. As you are making your way to Level 25 you will encounter hundreds of these, so don't worry if you don't get this on your first few tries. Better weapons and assigning beneficial skills as you level up will make it easier to kill.

More information about the Fleshpound can be found on Tripwire's wiki page [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] .

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