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Killing Floor 2 - Dead Silence

Tutorial Name: Killing Floor 2 - Dead Silence  

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A Siren is a frail looking Zed that packs a lot of punch. They first show up in earlier waves in both Survival and VS Survival matches. As she approaches players, she lets out a scream that can deal a lot of damage.

The only vulnerable part of her body is her head. Ranged weapons are best for taking her down. One tactic is to start shooting her as she spawns so she is far enough away from players to not scream. She can be incapacitated as well before shooting her. EMP, ice, fire, poisons and microwaves are all effective against her.

To unlock this achievement, you have to be the one who actually kills the Siren; dealing damage alone will not award you with the achievement. As you are making your way to Level 25 you will encounter hundreds of these, so don't worry if you don't get this on your first few tries. Better weapons and assigning beneficial skills as you level up will make it easier to kill.

More information about the Siren can be found on Tripwire's wiki page [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] .


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