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Just Cause 4 - Stunt Driver

Tutorial Name: Just Cause 4 - Stunt Driver  

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Most of these are pretty self explanatory but this is a MASSIVE grind, albeit it is some good fun from time to time. First off, I would not suggest doing these all at once, but at the same time I would not really get too far into the grind for these achievements until you have discovered every location. By discovering every location, it will reveal every single stunt. Here are some general tips to make it a little more efficient:

Pick a spot on the map and work your way in a certain direction. I chose to go counter clockwise but it really does not matter too much. This is mainly just to help you see progress on the map and make it less mentally overwhelming.

Many of the speed stunts can be cheesed with a helicopter. You can get up to 250+ km/hr within couple seconds. Just make sure you don't accidentally crash (if you die the millisecond that you actually cross the ring, it WILL still count).

If you find a vehicle stunt that requires a vehicle that you don't have. Search around the vicinity and use the [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] to analyze the vehicles nearby and cross reference the name with the stunt title on the left hand side of the screen. This will also contribute to the "Fully Stocked" achievement.

Some of the stunts require some thinking in regards to how to time the activation of the boost/air-lift mods on the grappling hook. Just make sure you assign it to the manual section that way you just have to hit [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] at the right moment. These are probably the "hardest" of the bunch but even then it only took me like five tries at most.

For the wingsuit stunts, you don't need to have the wingsuit active throughout the entire time duration of the stunt. You can activate the parachute to grapple onto something to gain more speed if you need to. Most of them are pretty easy but there are some that are a bit more challenging. They are a lot easier than Just Cause 3 thankfully.

When you complete the last stunt on the map, you will unlock this achievement, "All the Right Moves," "I Feel the Need," and "Fully Stocked" as the last supply drop is unlocked by completing every stunt.


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