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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions - King Killer

Tutorial Name: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions - King Killer  

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This is a "pacifism" achievement, gained for playing a large portion of a game mode without the ability to shoot. It is also recommended that you shoot the minimum amount of enemies necessary to stay alive as this will allow you to drag the timer a little longer before tougher enemies spawn. To get this achievement, you'll have to spend a total of 60 seconds outside of the circles in this mode. Keep in mind, you cannot shoot while outside of the circles, but you can shoot while inside one. Once inside a circle, it will change color and begin to shrink until it disappears. Do not be inside the circle when it disappears or else you will die.

Just go around the map dodging enemies to the best of your abilities, and use the zones to protect yourself and take out "homing" enemies like the blue diamonds, green diamonds and exploding purple squares. The snakes can also cause a problem if not taken care of, but these spawn in much later in the level. If you are able to spend 60 seconds outside of the zones, the achievement will unlock once you die.


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