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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions - Sharp Shooter

Tutorial Name: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions - Sharp Shooter  

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Adventure Mode - Level 3: Twisted Blister
Ship Configuration: Collect + Homing

You will have to sit in the center of the map without moving and get 500,000 points, and it is ok if you are moved by a gravity well as long as you don't touch the left analog stick. Near the beginning, just take care of the enemies around you and allow the drone to pick up geoms for you to build your multiplier. When rows of orange rockets begin to appear, mainly focus on the 1-3 rockets that will strike you, and you can ignore the rest until later as they do not pose a threat. Keep an eye out for blue diamonds, green diamonds and small orange circles, as these pose the largest threat.

Keep in mind that you have one bomb, which I recommend using when a lot of enemies spawn or when the special super shape appears in the center as it will give a significant advantage for shooting. Keep in mind that you get a total of three lives. You'll want to reach 150,000-200,000+ in your first life, this will give you a good chance at reaching the target score. Just keep playing and once you reach 500,000+ and die, you will unlock the achievement.


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