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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions - Beat Phil

Tutorial Name: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions - Beat Phil  

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Adventure Mode - Level 24: Nufo Flow
Ship Configuration: Collect Only

This game mode can be a little confusing but is easier once explained. This is a pacifism game type where you can only use the mines (+) to cause explosions. Everything else will kill you. As always, geoms are a priority and they can ONLY be earned by destroying the pink circles which yield 20x. These are your main focus while the yellow enemies should act more like bystanders. Keep in mind the base score for a pink circle is 2,500, while the yellow ones only give 300 base. I recommend making sure that you get the first 10 or so pink circles without letting any through, or else the achievement/trophy becomes significantly harder.

Learning the flow and pattern of enemy spawns is extremely important, and you should use the audio cues provided by the game in order to time your explosions. After you build up your multiplier, your focus is to stay alive as long as possible and set off a chain of mines whenever possible.

With a bit of practice, you should be able to beat this score, which I was almost able to double in the video.


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