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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions - Beat Craig

Tutorial Name: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions - Beat Craig  

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Adventure Mode - Level 11: Peanut Dreams
Ship Configuration: Collect + Black Hole (Preference)

This is all about the geoms, as is almost every other achievement. This also heavily relies on memorizing the timed spawns of waves of certain enemies. Near the beginning, clear the enemies, pick up the geoms and pick up the super structure on the top. Go back to the other side and pick up the next super structure (green) right as the first wave of important enemies spawns. There will be a ton of blue diamonds spawning from the top and orange triangles on the other side. Take out as many of these as possible, building your multiplier to 500, then using a bomb and collecting the remaining geoms to get to 650x. Now the goal is to stay alive, work quickly and keep your eyes (and ears) on the large enemy spawns on the top and bottom of the peanut shape.

After the second wave, your multiplier should be around 1,200x. Repeat the processes above, by staying alive and working quickly to kill enemies, using black holes whenever necessary to speed up the process. The last wave of enemies will spawn with about 0:09 left on the clock. With enough geoms, you should be able to milk 2,000,000+ points off these enemies within the last couple seconds of the game as long as you can stay alive. View the video for a more detailed step by step visual tutorial of the best methods for this level.


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