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Dishonored 2 - Clean Hands

Tutorial Name: Dishonored 2 - Clean Hands  

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This achievement is missable and will naturally be paired with a Low Chaos playthrough.

Completing an entire playthrough without killing a single individual will test your mettle, though it's not overly difficult to those who are patient and methodical. Do take note that the achievement description specifies "anyone," indicating human enemies such as the Howlers, the Grand Guard, the Overseers, and Witches cannot be killed. Killing Clockwork Soldiers, hounds, rats, and/or bloodflies will not count against you, though.

Unfortunately, there aren't many gadgets and equipment items to deal with hostiles non-lethally. Your main "weapons" on this playthrough will be sleeping bolts and your hands (knocking people out by holding [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] ). In my personal opinion, though, it's best to avoid contact altogether and simply sneak your way around enemies during missions. As a result, this achievement is best stacked with "Ghost." If you do happen to accidentally kill an enemy, you can reload your latest save and carry on.

Here a few additional tips for this achievement, most of which detail the non-lethal methods in dealing each mission's targets.

Save often, be it a manual save or quick save, even if it's every five minutes.
Take extra care with knocked-out enemies; if left in a puddle of water, unconscious enemies can die.
On Mission 3, follow the solution for "Counter-serum" in order to eliminate Dr. Hypatia non-lethally.
On Mission 4, reconfigure the machinery inside Jindosh's lab so that once the man has been knocked out, you can eliminate him once and for all via the lobotomy mechanism.
On Mission 5, there are two Witches in an alley near the Conservatory. If you knock them out and then use the Oracular device to eliminate Ashworth, the two Witches will die for an unknown, unscripted reason (mostly a glitch). Leave these Witches alone as to avoid their potential deaths.
On Mission 5, make your way to the topmost floor of the Conservatory and loot Ashworth's lab/office. You're looking for the lens; install the new lens into the Oracular device in the atrium in order to eliminate Ashworth non-lethally.
On Mission 6, either follow the solution for "Eureka" or side with the Howlers by eliminating Vice Overseer Byrne. Do not side with the Overseers on this playthrough as that involves killing Paolo.
On Mission 7, spare Stilton's life by rendering him unconscious (a sleeping dart will do just fine) once you manage to track him down inside the manor.
On Mission 8, there are two smugglers near a beached ship before you reach the streets of the city. If you do not knock them out right away, they will automatically die if you trigger the dialogue with the woman/captain who is locked out of the Black Market shop.
On Mission 8, locate the body double in the Grand Palace (his location is randomized each playthrough between the fourth floor office, the room above his main chambers on the fifth and sixth floor, the private gardens, or the throne room on the second floor) and engage in dialogue. Agree to help expose the Duke. You'll then be tasked with bringing the real Duke to his bed chamber as to arrest him. Make your way to his location, subdue the Duke with a sleeping bolt, and stealthily bring him back up the his bed chamber.
On Mission 9, enter Emily's safe room and then make your way into Jessamine's secret chamber. Here, you will eventually find a shrine on the far right side of the chamber. There is a note on how to create corrupt Bonecharms. Craft the corrupt Bonecharm at this shrine, return to the throne room, place the corrupt Bonecharm on the throne, and then use the Heart on Delilah (just hold [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] while standing behind her). Now follow her into the painting and once you've found her (she is directly above you on the rocks when you enter the painting), knock her out and return her to the throne room. Place her on the throne and she will be sucked back into her painted world.
As a final note, it's worth mentioning that during the post-mission stat board you will be shown three stats for lethality and stealth. For the purposes of this achievement, you will want to make sure the "Merciful - Didn't kill anyone" stat is checked off. So long as that stat is checked off at the end of all nine missions, you will unlock this achievement when the final cutscene begins to play.


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