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Dishonored 2 - Shadow

Tutorial Name: Dishonored 2 - Shadow  

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This achievement is missable and will naturally be paired with a Low Chaos playthrough.

Completing an entire playthrough without ever being spotted is one of the harder achievements in the game. The enemy AI in the game is very perceptive even on the lower difficulties. As mentioned in the roadmap, though, this is best stacked during a playthrough where you're going for the "Clean Hands" achievement. This works best since you will be bypassing enemy encounters stealthily, thereby reducing the chances of ever being seen. If you do happen to get spotted, you can reload your latest save and carry on.

When an enemy is suspicious of your presence or by a noise you may have caused, there will be a visible white lightening bolt icon above their head. This is the alertness meter and all enemy types have it - Howlers, Grand Guard, Overseers, Witches, Clockwork Soldiers, and hounds. Please note that it's entirely fine if the lightening bolt turns white and even a little red, causing enemies to enter a "search" state. For the purposes of this achievement, you cannot allow that icon to turn fully red. If you do get spotted during your playthrough, the "Tutorial: Combat" prompt will appear on the left-hand side of the screen.

It would make sense then that you should never see this prompt appear, and in the chance that it does, you will have to reload your latest save file. Overall, pay close attention to the post-mission stat board where it will display three stats for lethality and stealth. For this achievement, you will want to make sure the "Ghostly - Never Detected" stat is checked off. It's okay if bodies have been found; so long as that stat is checked off at the end of all nine missions, you will unlock this achievement when the final cutscene begins to play.


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