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Dishonored 2 - Art Collector

Tutorial Name: Dishonored 2 - Art Collector  

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This achievement is highly missable! It's strongly recommended to work on this during a lethal, powered High Chaos playthrough so that you have access to Blink/Far Reach and do not have to worry about the risk of being caught when thoroughly searching every nook and cranny of a mission for collectibles.

In total, there are twenty-seven paintings scattered throughout the nine missions in the game. Due to the fact that there is no chapter select or chapter replay, every painting is considered missable. Keep in mind that collectible progress is only saved when you trigger an auto-save or make a manual save; if you die without saving, you will have to recollect the painting.

A text-based solution for twenty-seven collectibles would be complicated, so please refer to the detailed video guide below, courtesy of PowerPyx.

NOTE: It's worth knowing that each painting yields 200 coin once collected. This will net 5,400 coin, which will help make a significant dent in the "Well Funded" achievement. In fact, all four collectible-based achievements in the game, that is "Souvenir," "Well Funded," "Art Collector," and "Royal Spymaster," should be stacked on the same playthrough.


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