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Dishonored 2 - Souvenirs

Tutorial Name: Dishonored 2 - Souvenirs  

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This achievement is highly missable as it involves collecting unmarked souvenir items from each of the nine missions in the game. Every mission, with the exception of Mission 6, The Dust District, has one item to collect; Mission 6 has two items. Most of these souvenirs are physical objects you must pick up, while there are some that are rewarded upon killing a certain enemy or dealing with a target in a specific manner.

After collecting a souvenir item and completing that particular mission, the item will be placed in the display cabinet above your desk (inside your room) aboard the Dreadful Wale. Collectible progress is only saved when you trigger an auto-save or make a manual save; if you die without saving, you will have to recollect the item. With all of this in mind, refer to the checklist and video guide below for aid in finding all ten souvenirs.

Mission 1, A Long Day in Dunall
Item: Samuel's Beechwood Carving
Inside Emily's safe room, this item can be found in the first alcove on a shelf above her bed.

Mission 2, Edge of the World
Item: Elite Helmet
Elite guards are those that wear red outfits. Simply eliminate a helmeted Elite guard at any time during this mission and the item will automatically be added to your collection post-mission.

Mission 3, The Good Doctor
Item: Syringe
Eliminate Dr. Hypatia non-lethally (refer to "Counter-serum") and this item will automatically be added to your collection.

Mission 4, The Clockwork Mansion
Item: Clockwork Head
During this mission, you will encounter Clockwork Soldiers for the first time. To retrieve this souvenir, shoot off a Soldier's head with a crossbow bolt and then proceed to kill it. Upon its death, this item will automatically be added to your collection.

Mission 5, The Royal Conservatory
Item: Broken Whalebone Sword
After making your way into the Conservatory, head towards the large, three-story atrium room. On the topmost floor, above Ashmore's office, right outside her laboratory where you can find the Oracular lens, you will find a display case. Smash the case and pick up the sword.

Mission 6, The Dust District
Item: Blade Verbana
In the Overseer's territory, when facing their hideout/building, there is a road to the left that leads to a dead end. Move along this road and towards the end there will be an illuminated plaque on the wall indicating Corvo's old home. Head into the narrow alley on the side of this building, climb the archway and the vent, smash through the boarded window, move into the furthest room, and then interact with the discolored bricks on the wall to reveal a hidden stash. Here, you will find the item primed for looting.

Mission 6, The Dust District
Item: Skiff Approaching Dockyard
Approach the Howler's territory and rather than making the left towards the saloon where Paolo is located, continue down the street and through the half-closed gates. Travel along this street and then hitch right into a darkened alleyway. You will receive a notification that you are now in neutral territory. On your left, break into the shop by smashing the windows with your sword and inside the shop, on the right-hand wall, you will find the framed photo, Skiff Approaching Dockyard.

Mission 7, A Crack in the Slab
Item: Calendar from 1849
After retrieving the Timepiece, turn around and move towards the doors that lead to the hallway. Before leaving the room, time travel to the past, look on the table to the right of the door, and you will find a framed calendar.

Mission 8, The Grand Palace
Item: Broken Gazelle Ornamen
After collecting Delilah's spirit in the Duke's vault, move around the central structure to find a portrait and table along the back wall. Pick up the gazelle head on the table. One more item to go!

Mission 9, Death to the Empress
Item: Mrs. Pilsen Doll
Upon reaching the throne room, ignore Delilah and return to Emily's safe room. In the first alcove (where the first souvenir item was found) you will find a small doll lodged within the toilet.

The achievement will finally unlock after collecting the tenth and final souvenir item in the game. Please refer below to PowerPyx's detailed video guide if a visual aid is preferred.


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Oh wow i played this whole game without even noticing any of these haha