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Dishonored 2 - Heartbeat Reaper

Tutorial Name: Dishonored 2 - Heartbeat Reaper  

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This achievement can be earned at any time during your playthrough and can be done wither either Corvo or Emily. Furthermore, it does not require the use of any powers.

During Mission 2, Edge of the World, you will eventually reach Addermire Station. Inside the building, on the ground floor, behind the registration desk, is an armory that houses two guards and plenty of grenades. For the purposes of this achievement, you will deliberately want to get spotted while entering the transit station, run to the armory, and pick up a grenade from one of the open lockers (assuming you do not already have one).

By this point, the entire enemy patrol unit in this area will have followed you inside the armory. Quickly turn around to face them, and should you be able to see six visible bodies inside the room, quickly equip and grenade and toss it on the ground, making sure to parry the guards' oncoming attacks. The grenade's blast radius is quite large, so once it goes off, it will kill everyone in the room and the achievement should unlock provided six enemies were present.

Please refer to the video below for a visual representation on how this can be done.


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