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Dishonored 2 - Occult Carver

Tutorial Name: Dishonored 2 - Occult Carver  

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This achievement is missable. If you neglect collecting enough Bonecharms over the course of your playthrough, you will not be able to craft the required amount.

Before you can even consider working on this achievement, you must first unlock the "Bonecharm Crafting" skill in the "Powers" tab of the character menu. This skill will set you back one Rune. Now open the "Bonecharms" tab of the character menu and you can use talents (obtained by dismantling Bonecharms) and raw whalebone (looted during missions) to craft these occult relics. There are varying levels of Bonecharms to craft, but you'll want to stick to the most basic of the three.

Please take note that this achievement is cumulative; if you want to earn this quickly, you can create a manual save, sacrifice all of your existing Bonecharms and Runes (for crafting materials), craft two or three Bonecharms, reload your save, and repeat the process until ten have been created.

NOTE: This achievement cannot be obtained on a "No Powers" playthrough since the "Powers" tab in the character menu will be unavailable, therefore disallowing you to choose the Bonecharm Crafting skill.


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