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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Objection!

Tutorial Name: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Objection!  

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In order to obtain this achievement, you must confront Mejia about Wilburg's murder when speaking to him in Solitary Confinement. Take note, however, that you must have already found and collected two specific Pocket Secretaries before speaking to Mejia here. If you don't have both Pocket Secretaries, you cannot press him on the murder.

The first of these items can be found within a drawer of the table inside the Security Hub in Processing (Tower, Level 2). The second Pocket Secretary can be found in an unlocked safe under a desk in the Automated Security Office just outside of Solitary Confinement (Tower, Level 5). Make sure to read the Pocket Secretaries when you pick them up.

Once you have both items, proceed with your objective to free Mejia from Solitary Confinement. Upon opening his cell door, during the dialogue sequence, choose the option that reads "Wilburg's Murder?" and Mejia will try to deflect the question. Given that you have proof from both Pocket Secretaries now, Jensen will insist he comes clean, leading the man to confess about the murder and thus unlocking the achievement.


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