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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Don't Reach, Young Blood

Tutorial Name: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Don't Reach, Young Blood  

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Once you are given access to freely roam around Cell Block A, head to the ground floor immediately. Tucked in the back corner of this floor, just outside the Showers, is a Laundry Room. You'll notice that there's a locked keypad to the left of the door. For the purposes of this achievement, keep in mind that the code is 6014.

Entering the Laundry Room is considered trespassing, so time your hack and entry appropriately so that the prison guards on this floor and the security camera just outside the Laundry Room cannot see you. Once inside, quickly close the door behind you and then grab the basketball on the table. Now drop the basketball on the ground, open the door when it's clear, pick up the basketball, and leave the room.

You're now free to take the ball outside into the prison yard. Head over to the basketball court and try shooting the ball into the hoop. I recommend standing at the mid-court line and aiming the reticle just slightly above the hoop before taking the shot. Once you successfully make a shot, the achievement will unlock.


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