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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Excess Baggage Fees

Tutorial Name: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Excess Baggage Fees  

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Expansion Items are unique, rare rewards that can be found in Booster Packs of the Enhanced (15k), Elite (50k), and Ripper (200k) variant. Once acquired, they are stored under the "Items" tab in the Reserve Inventory menu. These items are permanent in their use and when placed in your loadout, depending on which item you've acquired, they boost HP and Energy stats.

In order to unlock these Expansion Items you will need to amass a large sum of credits and purchase Booster Packs from the in-game store. For this achievement, you should focus on only purchasing Enhanced Packs, which cost 15,000 credits. Due to Booster Pack rewards being completely randomized, there is no way to calculate a suggested, definitive amount of credits needed for this achievement. One useful tip that can be suggested, however, is to keep the 500,000 credits towards the end of the new Darknet File case.

This sum of credits alone will be enough for thirty-three Enhanced Packs (or more depending on your previous credit stash). There's a good chance you might need more credits, so feel free to utilize the "boosting" method below, provided by JieXY, to farm credits between your main account and an offline dummy account. This method involves completing daily challenges sent from your second account, which rewards you with a Victory Booster Pack that contains anywhere from 13,000 to 20,00 credits (and sometimes an Expansion Item). Guest accounts can send up to four challenges a day, which means you can essentially send your main account upwards to ~70,000 credits (or four to five Enhanced Booster Packs) daily.

Again, a big thanks to JieXY for the method below.

Create a new account. It doesn't matter if it's a silver/offline account, just make sure to be signed into your main account while booting up Deus Ex on the dummy account.
Enter Breach Mode and finish Network 00 and a few servers in Network 1A. You'll soon have the ability to send challenges to friends.
Complete all of the servers in Network 1A (including the Darknet File), but don't waste your Firewall Key on the firewall. Save it for now.
Finish all ShadowChild's challenges for that day (1 tutorial + 3 dailies).
It's okay if you can't beat them, just try three times and even if you fail you still get the Backup Packs for some minor credits.
You should have around 100,000 credits after completing everything and selling all your items. Spend your credits on two Firewall Keys from the in-game store and start challenging your main account using the first server in Network 1A.
Finish the server in 10-14 seconds. That should be more than enough time for your main account to beat the record.
Switch to your main account and complete all of the challenges. When you're done, switch back to your dummy account to open the Backup Packs and you should have enough credits to buy one more Firewall Key.
Using the Firewall Key, send an additional four challenges to your main account.
Repeat this process over and over until:
You have no more credits for Firewall Keys on your dummy account
You can no longer send challenges to your main account
Wait 18-24 hours and the challenges should reset, allowing you to repeat the process.
Once you have acquired six Expansion Items, you will need to equip them into your loadout and complete any one server in order to finally unlock the achievement.


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