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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Neon Nights

Tutorial Name: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Neon Nights  

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This achievement is missable and earned for competing Side Mission 00, Neon Nights.

This side mission can be triggered by eavesdropping on the junkies in the courtyard west of the police checkpoint outside Jensen's apartment complex. They will talk about the neon trade and this will mark the dealer's home on your map.

The dealer lives in Apartment 22 inside Jensen's complex. Sneak into the apartment by using the vent in the stairwell between the first and second floors. Inside the apartment, you must take down both dealers (non-lethally, preferably) and hack the laptop (Level 3) on the kitchen counter. Read every email to trigger the next objective.

Follow the objective marker, which will lead you to Apartment 202 at 33 Hlavni. You can hack the keypad (Level 2) on the front door, or use the Remote Hacking aug to open the shades on the windows and jump from the balcony ledge into the apartment. Once you're inside, head to the bathroom and pick up the pocket secretary near the bathtub.

To make entering the Rave Club easier, hack the laptop in the living of the apartment and use the house AI to open the wall panels and order a cleaning service. Leave the area (take the subway to another district) and return to the apartment. You will find a towel on top of the bed upstairs. Examine the towel and grab the Rave Party Keycard hidden inside.

Once again, follow the objective marker to the Rave Party, and use your keycard to enter the building. Take the corridor on your left and hack into the locked room at the end of this hallway. Inside you will find a dead body. Read the pocket secretary on the corpse and it will trigger the next objective.

Now, you will need to head on over to the marked apartment in the north-east district and activate the spray bottle on the kitchen counter to open a hidden room. Crack the safe (Level 4) and read the pocket secretary, which will give you yet another objective: the location to the drug operation HQ.

Travel to the sewers near Adam's apartment and continue following the objective waypoint(s). You will eventually sneak past a turret and find yourself on the catwalks of a large compound with several thugs on the bottom floor. Keep to the left on the catwalks and duck inside the alcove. Take out the guard here and hack into the laptop in order to shut down the security cameras and laser grids. Now you need to reach the waypoint in the far right corner of the base. Once you drop down into this room, you will engage in conversation with the chemist.

NOTE: You must have the "Social Enhancement" augmentation to get the "Persuade" option in dialogue. After persuading her, choose the "Reverse Psychology" option and then the "Help me Sabotage" option.

The chemist will hand over two Biocells. Enter the room to your right, place a Biocell into each drug tanks, and then activate the terminal to drain the neon, thus wrapping up this lengthy side quest and unlocking the achievement.


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