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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Handle with Care

Tutorial Name: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Handle with Care  

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This achievement is missable and earned for competing Side Mission 07, Fade to Black, in a specific manner.

This side mission can be triggered after Mission 9, Checking Out the Men in Charge, by speaking with Dr. Auzenee inside Miller's office. Accept her request when speaking with her and you will be tasked with investigating Black's office for clues of his whereabouts.

The objectives in this particular mission are fairly straightforward. Once you have collected enough clues in Black's office (i.e. read his emails), you will be tasked with visiting The Red Queen and meeting Black's informant. After speaking with her, you will part ways and be required to meet her in a secluded courtyard in the southern part of town. Speak with her here and either hand her Black's train ticket (if you picked it up in his office) or give her 350 credits so she can buy her own ticket.

Your next objective is to investigate Vlasta's locker. Use the code Dobromilla gave you to enter the locker, then move the painting on the wall to activate a hidden switch and gain access to a secret passage. Follow this passage into the underground storage unit and you will meet Olivie in the basement. Talk to her and choose the following dialogue options: Acknowledge > Sympathize. After that, Vlasta will show up. You must choose the "Negotiate Passage" option when it appears, then successfully convince him to smuggle Olivie out of the city, thus unlocking the achievement.


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