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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - The Harvester

Tutorial Name: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - The Harvester  

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This achievement is missable and is earned for completing Side Mission 10, The Harvester, in a very specific manner.

This side mission can be triggered by investigating the Point of Interest labeled "Too Close to Home" inside the alley near Jensen's apartment complex. It will only show up during your second visit to Prague (after returning from Golem City).

When you arrive at the Point of Interest, speak to the onlooker behind the police tape. He whispers that politician Radko might be behind the murder. Now speak to Daria, the frightened woman, and exhaust all dialogue options with her. You should then speak with Detective Montag and again, exhaust all dialogue options; he suspects the victim's husband, Johnny Gunn, is the murderer. Finally, before you leave you will want to fully examine the crime scene and find all seven clues.

Your next objective should be to travel to Gunn's apartment. Search his apartment thoroughly and either by examining the medical form on his bed or by pressing him in conversation, you will learn that his hands are made of alloy and thus he cannot be the murderer since he does not have finger prints.

Leave Gunn's apartment after learning this information and head to the police station to fulfill the optional objective, "Examine Smolinski's Notes." You should have received this objective by speaking to Montag at the crime scene. Inside Smolinski's locker you will find a case file about the Harvester murders. This piece of evidence is vital for the "The Last Harvest" achievement later on.

Finally, your last objective is to speak with Radko Perry. Travel to his office in the southern district and exhaust all possible dialogue options with him before sneaking into the basement of his office. Fully search the premise for clues and then access his computer. Here, you want to instant message the augmented prostitute and play dumb during the conversation. After she signs off, head back upstairs and search the painting on the left-hand wall to uncover a hidden safe. Hack the terminal and open the safe to find a blackmail photo that proves Radko has an alibi the night of the murder.

Once all of this evidence as been collected, you can return to Detective Montag. Speak with him and choose to exonerate both suspects. This will put the case on hold, grant access to Side Mission 11, The Last Harvest, during your next visit to Prague, and unlock the achievement.


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