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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - K is for Kazdy

Tutorial Name: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - K is for Kazdy  

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This achievement is earned for completing Side Mission 12, K is for Kazdy.

Keep in mind that this side mission will only become available during your third visit to Prague (after Mission 13) if you completed Side Mission 05, Samizdat, peacefully by unlocking the "Samizdat" achievement. If you were able to do just that earlier in your playthrough, you will receive a Point of Interest labeled "Samizdat SOS" while moving throughout Prague in Mission 14.

Follow the POI waypoint until you finally meet Little K in the sewers. Speak with her and accept her request: breaking K and Bones out of a police station. Continue to follow the objective waypoint towards the station and once you break K out of captivity, you must choose the "Play it Cool" dialogue option. Your next task is to cross the street and make it inside the Praha Unneda Cleaning Supply Store. K and Bones will follow while disguised as policemen, so don't worry about them getting caught.

When you reach the Supply Store, speak to K one last time and the achievement will unlock.


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