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Darksiders: Genesis - Collector

Tutorial Name: Darksiders: Genesis - Collector  

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Collect every type of creature core.

There are a total of 67 Creature Cores in the game, and most are fairly simple to get. Upon death, any normal creature or mini-boss has a chance to drop their core. Getting additional cores will work toward leveling them up (to a max of Level 3). Major bosses will drop their cores guaranteed, and Vulgrum will sell a selection of cores as well that you must purchase (only Level 1 is required but many of these are great to have leveled). Every core in the game except the two below can be received from Vulgrim's shop by purchasing the "loot boxes" for souls. You will only receive duplicates from these boxes until a core is maxed out, so once you complete Arena and get nearly 150k keep buying until that specific box becomes unavailable and you'll know you've received and maxed out every core from that area.

The first unique core that can't be received from Vulgrim is from the optional boss behind the Trickster Door in The Void. See "Gatekeeper" for info on that. The final one is obtained by completing a hidden platforming puzzle in The Void. See below for more info.

To obtain the secret Leviathan Core, you can do this the proper way and follow this video for help completing the platforming puzzle, or cheese it with the method in this video. For the cheese method, go to the spot in the video which is above the door that leads to Killington (to the left of Vulgrum). You'll need to jump on the rocks to the right of the door to get above it, and you'll see the core on a high ledge above the door.

Once you are on the ledge below the core, switch to War and do the following: Double Jump, then hold jump to float with your wings and quickly press [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] + [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] to use the Blade Geyser skill (while still holding [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] to float). Release all the buttons while the skill's animation is playing and then hold [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] again before you hit the ground which will launch directly into a Scorpion Kick attack, and while this animation is going use Blade Geyser a second time. This should land you on the platform with the core, which otherwise would not be possible from this location. You'll know you nailed the first part of the combo which is by far the most difficult if your wings stay out while War does the Scorpion Kick. If the wings disappear, you were too slow.

Note: You still have to do the jumping puzzle to collect the other two Leviathan cores if you want this at Level 3, but doing that is not required for any achievements.


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