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Dark Souls III - Ancient Wyvern

Tutorial Name: Dark Souls III - Ancient Wyvern  

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Defeat Ancient Wyvern.

OPTIONAL BOSS. Found in Archdragon Peak.

You need to get the Path of the Dragon gesture from the room behind the boss in the Consumed Garden, then use it by the dragon statue in Irithyll Dungeon to get to this location.

One of the easiest bosses in the game if you know what you are doing. As soon as he drops down run past him and to the left. Watch out for the serpent men enemies in here, you may want to kill them as you go but if you do then be mindful of the Wyvern's breath attacks. Follow this long path through a few rooms (more foes) up stone steps (some enemies drop down at the top) and then over a stone bridge (more enemies at the end). Past them is a ladder on the wall you can climb up, do so and head along until you can drop down to a stone ledge (go up the ladder here and along another platform for an item while you're here). From the stone ledge you are right above the Wyvern, wait for him to stop breathing fire then drop and do a plunging attack to kill him instantly.


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