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Dark Souls III - Dancer of the Boreal Valley

Tutorial Name: Dark Souls III - Dancer of the Boreal Valley  

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Defeat Dancer of the Boreal Valley.

Found at the High Wall of Lothric.

After you kill three Lords of Cinder (Abyss Watchers, Aldritch, Yhorm) you will be teleported back to Emma. Speak to her. If you then approach the altar behind her this fight will trigger so be ready. The boss has a number of curving attacks but in the first phase she is quite slow and predictable, roll through her strikes and be ready to keep rolling in case of combos.

Get her health down to halfway and she pulls out a second sword and becomes more deadly. Get away from her when this happens as she instantly goes into a long combo that is hard to block. Wait for her to finish and get some hits in. She can now leave trails of fire as she moves to be careful of that, roll through her attacks to the back or side and get a hit in then get out of dodge.

NOTE: You can access this fight far earlier when you meet Emma - by killing her and swiping her key item, which lets you get to Lothric Castle much sooner if you fancy it.


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