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Dark Souls III - Covenant: Warrior of Sunlight

Tutorial Name: Dark Souls III - Covenant: Warrior of Sunlight  

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Discover Warrior of Sunlight covenant.

Found in Undead Settlement.

From the Undead Settlement bonfire head forward and through the building to a bonfire surrounded by enemies, if you go straight past them you come to a building you can enter. Look in here to find a hole in the floor that lets you drop into a locked room with the Covenant item you need. You can't level this Covenant until you find the Sunlight Altar near the Dragonslayer Armour boss room in Lothric Castle.

You need to get this Covenant to Rank 2 in order to acquire a unique spell, which requires 30 Sunlight Medals. One is found in Lothric Castle near the Sunlight Altar itself on a corpse. The best way to get them is to equip the Covenant item and then be summoned to help other players kill bosses. Alternatively you can farm the Lothric Knight enemies which can drop them. The drop rate is roughly one in thirty if you have the Symbol of Avarice, Golden Covetous Serpent Ring and use a Rusted Coin.


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