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Dark Souls III - Lord of Cinder: Lothric, Younger Prince

Tutorial Name: Dark Souls III - Lord of Cinder: Lothric, Younger Prince  

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Defeat Lothric, Younger Prince, Lord of Cinder.

Found in Lothric Castle after the Grand Archives.

You can potentially summon Sirris to help if you are on good terms, but other allies are advisable too. The first half of the fight is purely physical. Lorian does a number of sweeping combos, sometimes with a third vertical hit, which you can dodge back from then step in for a free hit at the end. He also sometimes teleports behind you so be ready to dodge out of the way of his incoming hits.

Once you sap his energy down Lothric will appear and cling to his back. You now have to worry about physical and magic attacks as Lothric uses homing spells and soulmass blasts on top of Lorian's swipes. Take Lorian down and rush in to do do big damage to Lothric while he revives him (but watch out for the large blast when he is done). You may need to do this a few times depending on how much damage you can do to Lothric. You can also damage him when he is on his brothers back if you strike from right behind him.


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